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Why Doesn’t Your NDR Scale?

Is your Network Detection and Response (NDR) vendor’s lack of performance impacting your security visibility?

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In today’s enterprise security stack, the NDR tool has become an essential component in a cyber-security strategy, enabling the user to detect, surface and mitigate threats in ways complimentary to other tools such as network perimeter prevention (e.g. firewalls), Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems. NDR, also sometimes known as Network Analysis and Visibility, fills important gaps in visibility across the network where attackers hide when probing, scanning, and performing lateral movement towards an end goal.

Many first movers in this market have taken a naïve approach to collection, storage and analysis of packets, and their solutions are now starting to show the strain.

This whitepaper aims to show how NETSCOUT avoids these problems using a tried and tested architecture that has been decades in the making.