Information Drives New Technology Introductions and Improves Performance

Offering enriched and actionable Radio Access Network (RAN) data, TrueCall may be used to diagnose network and device problems in real-time, understand demand density and usage, support traffic pattern analysis for network capacity planning, geolocate dropped calls, minimize drive testing and gain an end-to-end view from the radio network to the IMS core.


Ensure 5G Success

Pave the way for standalone 5G. TrueCall offers 4G resource protection to ensure precise accommodation for projected 5G capacity.

Accelerate RAN Troubleshooting

Quickly integrate and access customer data from one location with TrueCall geoanalytics software and drill-to session trace capabilities.

Lower RAN Optimization Costs

Improve the accuracy of antenna modifications using TrueCall for better network performance at a fraction of the cost.

Reduce Drive Testing

Leverage your subscribers for virtual drive testing to more accurately reflect network loading and user activity when assessing coverage and capacity gaps.

Improve Your Understanding of Network Capacity & Complexity

Address cell capacity challenges generated by smartphones, IoT devices and increasing data consumption. TrueCall assists with precise RAN congestion locations to guide small cell and 5G planning decisions and identify beneficial areas for small-cell deployments. With powerful data filtering capabilities, TrueCall geoanalytics software facilitates quick analysis for the most complex and ever-evolving networks.

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Cost-Effectively Optimize Cell Performance with Geo-Analytics

TrueCall geo-analytics help carriers reduce OPEX while optimizing cell performance.


NETSCOUT RAN Analytics Software Modules:

Service Experience Analytics

Reduce CAPEX and improve planning modeling accuracy while addressing indoor actual coverage:  25% of drive cost testing with 90% accuracy


Reach revenue goals with GeoMarketing; gain a 50% accuracy improvement over traditional methods

Subscriber Network Analytics (OPEX)

Reduce Mean Time To Know (MTTK) using rich data sets with AI/ML for RAN Analytics

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Real-time RAN data drives new technologies, improves network performance, and optimizes customer experience.

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TrueCall for VoLTE

A new generation of real-time RAN geoanalytics.

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