The Proven World’s Leading RAN Geoanalytics Platform

Over 3.5 million LTE cells are being monitored worldwide. Real-time, continuous radio access network (RAN) application that enables operators to drive new technologies, such as NB-IoT and 5G improve LTE voice and video network performance, troubleshoot and optimize the customer experience, and reduce OPEX.

Used By

Mobile service providers offering LTE and VoLTE services with a focus on improving the performance of the radio access network and feeding their Big Data Lakes with smart ASI RAN data.

The TrueCall RAN geoanalytics platform provides service providers with meaningful network data in heat map form and KPIs to guide the introduction and manage the growth of network technologies such as NB-IoT and 5G.

TrueCall's enriched RAN data may be used to diagnose network and device problems in real-time, understand demand density and usage, study traffic patterns, geolocate dropped calls, minimize drive testing and gain an end-to-end view from the radio network to the IMS. Additionally, utilize our smart ASI RAN data for geomarketing revenue generating applications.

Actionable reports, maps and dashboards enable RAN reporting.

TrueCall is a Tier 1 proven flexible and scalable enterprise tool that uses automatic engineering data analysis to highlight a wide range of network issues and guide potential resolutions. System-wide heat maps aggregate call data for at- a-glance assessment and RAN-performance reporting.

RAN planning decisions built on trusted input and predictive algorithms.

Operators looking for relief from cell capacity challenge generated by smartphones and IoT devices increasing data consumption use TrueCall to improve their understanding of the precise location of RAN congestion, guide capacity small cell planning and 5G planning decisions and determine the most beneficial areas for small-cell deployments. With powerful data filtering capabilities, TrueCall facilitates quick analysis for the most complex networks.

  • Perform network analysis down to the subscriber and device levels.
    With TrueCall, service providers can evaluate and measure the customer experience against the performance of the network or a device, measure the impact of new devices and vendor software upgrade on the network, and evaluate device behavior. This level of granular intelligence provides a window into the network that empowers engineering, marketing, customer care, and other organizations. For example, TrueCall has been successful worldwide in analyzing VoLTE SIP and RTP issues caused by acute or systemic poor cell and radio conditions.

  • Reduce Drive Testing
    Drive testing is expensive and time consuming. Depending on Network loading and user activity, it can also be nonrepeatable and fail to detect your customer’s problems. Use your subscribers to perform virtual drive testing.

  • Lower RAN Optimization Costs
    By Implementing TrueCall, more accurate antenna modifications are made at a fraction of the price, resulting in better network performance.

  • Accelerate RAN Troubleshooting
    Using TrueCall software and training, service providers are able to quickly integrate and access customer data from one location.

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TrueCall for VoLTE

A new generation of real-time RAN geoanalytics.

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Real-time RAN data powered by GeoSoft RAN drives new technologies, improves network performance, and optimizes customer experience.

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The Geoanalytics Advantage

Building a RAN strategy for a competitive market.

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