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Deep Packet Inspection-Based Network Visibility, Threat Detection, and Response

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Advanced, Deep Packet Inspection-Based NDR

Highly scalable, deep packet inspection-based comprehensive network visibility, ML-based real-time and historical cyber threat detection at source and integration into existing cybersecurity ecosystem for improved incident response and reduced risk.


Securing Complex Networks

Visibility without Borders That Enables Security Without Borders

Omnis CyberStream network sensors conduct scalable, deep packet inspection and ML-based analytics at source of capture, enabling comprehensive network visibility and cyber threat detection.

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Real-time & Historical Cyber Threat Detection & Investigation

Omnis Cyber Intelligence is a central console that uses network behavioral analysis and cyber threat intelligence to detect cyber threats in real-time and via rapid retrospective analysis.

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Suricata-Based Intrusion Detection System

Omnis Intrusion Detection System detects cyber threats in real time using open source Suricata signatures and rules.

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Decryption of SSL/TLS Encrypted Traffic

nGenius Decryption Appliance enables high-performance, active inline and passive out-of-band decryption of encrypted TLS/SSL and SSH traffic.

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NETSCOUT’s unique ASI technology allows companies to truly unlock the actionable intelligence embedded in network transactions and packets. Where others have failed, NETSCOUT has made the use of packet data fast and affordable with their patented metadata extraction, intelligent reduction, and indexing. Omnis Cyber Intelligence provides security analysts with the information they need to quickly and accurately assess the scope and scale of an incident and reduce the associated risk and negative impact.

Chris Kissel
Research Director, Security & Trust Products, IDC

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Advanced, DPI-Based NDR & Network Security Provider

Improve your cybersecurity with scalable DPI and ML-based analytics at source.

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