Harnessing the Power of the Packet

Modern IT environments require the agility to make infrastructure changes quickly while simultaneously monitoring performance data. Network and application uptime is critical to essential businesses committed to delivering a reliable, best-in-class user experience.

NETSCOUT’s Visibility Without Borders® platform helps organizations eliminate visibility gaps and capture smart data in real-time using deep packet inspection (DPI) at scale.

From financial services institutions and healthcare leaders to major government departments and more, NETSCOUT solutions help rapidly identify and address performance and cyberthreat issues to reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR). With a holistic, overarching view of their complex environments, NETSCOUT helps the most powerful organizations eliminate visibility gaps with DPI.

Deep Packet Inspection

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DPI at Scale with NETSCOUT Solutions

Performance, Security, and Availability for Every Environment

What is DPI, or Deep Packet Inspection?

Deep packet inspection (DPI) is a type of data processing that inspects the actual data traffic being sent over an organization’s network, and may take actions such as blocking, alerting, re-routing, or logging it accordingly. Deep packet inspection and analysis are often used to baseline application behavior, analyze network traffic, troubleshoot network performance, and assure that data is in the correct format.

What is DPI, or Deep Packet Inspection?
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Packets are fundamental to communication in today’s digital world. Each data packet is comprised of a header and payload that carry vital information, much like envelopes containing letters with critical messages. Visibility into packet-level information is essential to both network and security practices for the modern enterprise.

Powering the World’s Largest Service Providers, Enterprises, and Government Agencies

NETSCOUT's solutions leverage DPI to provide in-depth analysis of captured and stored packets. This enables IT teams to investigate and decipher the root cause of exceptionally challenging network and application issues. DPI is scalable for the world’s largest and most complex networks, empowering them to provide secure, peak network and application performance from anywhere at any time.

Keeping users happy is a critical IT mission. Holistic visibility and insight into the network, applications, servers, and user communities—and how they are performing—enables you to resolve issues before they become serious problems that negatively impact both users and the business. When problems occur with complex multi-tiered, web and/or cloud services, you need the precision and focus offered by deep packet inspection and advanced packet analysis.

Deep packet inspection and analysis powers NETSCOUT’s Visibility Without Borders platform, whether for enterprise or service provider networks. Our ability to perform DPI at any scale sets us apart. Whether you are looking to assure network and application performance, optimize end-user experience, shore up cybersecurity, or prevent DDoS attacks, NETSCOUT solutions can help.

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Benefits of DPI at Scale

DPI at scale is essential to increasing accountability, transparency, and reliability at high-performing organizations. To consistently deliver a secure and convenient best-in-class end user experience, essential enterprises leverage NETSCOUT solutions and DPI to help their IT teams…

Perform In-Depth Analysis

of the most challenging service delivery and performance issues

Achieve Unmatched Visibility

for network/application performance management and network security applications

Quickly Evaluate Service

degradations and reduce mean time to repair (MTTR) issues impacting user experience

Improve Efficiency of Problem-Resolution

using patented Adaptive Service Intelligence (ASI) technology to refine analysis and uncover advanced packet-level insights

Reduce Operational Cost and Complexity

by streamlining advanced packet analysis functionality under a single management platform

Optimize Return on Investment

by storing and continuously analyzing intelligent packet-level data to protect and improve today’s systems and proactively prepare for the future

Explore the Potential of DPI at Scale