Considerations of the User Experience

Impact and Effect of End-User Experience

All users expect a high quality experience with network and application resources. Employees, partners, and customers–in corporate locations, branches, cafés, or home offices.

Poor user experience impacts public reputation, customer service, retention, revenue, and employee productivity.

End-User Experience Measurement

User Experience is the collective measure of four characteristics. Accuracy in measuring it depends on granular, real-time data, which is best delivered using Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) techniques

You need visibility across any network infrastructure, for any application, anywhere in the world.

The 4 Best Practices to Optimize the User Experience

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Assure your remote employees can access what they need, when they need it.

• Visualize performance of applications enterprise-wide and through the VPNs and Internet connections

• Confirm access to business applications, network connectivity, and the VPN.

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Delivering reliable, available, and responsive applications and services requires the ability to visualize performance of applications.

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Collaboration platforms are essential to today’s workforce. Proper visibility into key UC systems is required to understand UC experience issues.

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Even when the user is not active - synthetic testing ensures reliability 24 hours a day from wherever they perform their jobs.

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NETSCOUT Delivers These Capabilities With...

Adaptive Service Intelligence (ASI)

Adaptive Service Intelligence (ASI)

NETSCOUT’s patented ASI® technology uses passive, real-time monitoring of packet data to pinpoint security risks and service performance problems throughout the network infrastructure.  This helps ensure service quality and security goals, while reducing MTTR when issues arise. 

Synthetic Monitoring

Synthetic Monitoring

Synthetic testing augments wire-data ASI with insights into the health and performance of high level business functions (e.g. login to SaaS).  Consistent, scheduled active tests, executed from the client perspective, help provide details, even when users are away, to help assure quality performance.


Network Monitoring and Service Assurance Platform


Business Service Delivery Monitoring from Remote Sites

Omnis Cyber Intelligence

Cyber Threat Investigation Platform

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