Digital Disruption Infographic


The connected enterprise must deliver innovative business services and the highest quality user experience. What’s at stake?

Things can go wrong anywhere along the service delivery path. Business services like Microsoft Exchange, Citrix, Oracle and Unified Communications can suffer disruptions. When service degradations hit users and customers, the key to rapid resolution and avoiding losing revenue is having full visibility into layers 2 through 7 and a contextual end-to-end view of the IT infrastructure.

As guardians of the connected world, IT professionals are tasked with assuring a flawless user and customer experience by delivering exceptional service performance. To do that, they must use a service triage solution to rapidly pinpoint the root cause of performance problems since things can go wrong with the network, transport, servers, enablers (like DNS and DHCP), middleware and databases.



To paraphrase Galileo, all IT truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them. How does an IT organization discover the truth about service performance?

While IT architectures and system deployments change over time, traffic data remains a constant source of truth. NETSCOUT has demonstrated how their patented Adaptive Service Intelligence (ASI) technology uses traffic data to gain visibility into user communities, services and strategic IT assets, as well as how they are performing. Through ASI technology, IT teams get a holistic view and clear insights into service performance problems before they become user and customer problems.

NETSCOUT customers have come to appreciate how traffic-based intelligence is needed when diagnosing whether client services, servers, application environments or the network infrastructure is causing a service performance problem. Traffic data is collected, organized, analyzed and contextualized to provide real-time insight into service performance degradations across physical, virtual and hybrid environments.


NETSCOUT Solutions

NETSCOUT helps IT teams solve service performance problems before they impact the bottom line. What does the connected enterprise gain from traffic-based intelligence?

Rather than add business risk and cost by using a bunch of silo-specific tools from different vendors with disparate data sets, IT professionals use the nGeniusONE platform and ASI technology to address service assurance challenges by tapping into the wealth of operational intelligence which is mined from traffic data inspection. By inspecting traffic data continuously and analyzing large volumes of data efficiently at high velocity for complex, distributed IT services, NETSCOUT helps customers solve performance issues before they impact the bottom line.

As TechValidate, the premier “voice of the customer” research firm, discovered in a recent survey, the nGeniusONE platform and ASI technology delivers extraordinary ROI benefits by bringing service performance clarity to even the most complicated physical and virtual IT environment.

Discover compelling information from TechValidate’s research by scrolling through the infographic or download it by clicking here.

For more information about NETSCOUT nGeniusONE platform and ASI technology, go to Solutions.

Ron Lifton is a Senior Solutions Marketing Manager at NETSCOUT. Prior to NETSCOUT, Ron headed product management for a cyber-security platform that applies machine learning and behavioral analytics to network traffic flows to detect industrial IoT and APT attacks. He has previously held senior marketing positions within Cisco and specifically for network management solutions for enterprises and service providers. He was an executive at a start-up focused on QoS policy management acquired by Cisco.