Drive Broadband Technology and Service Innovation

NETSCOUT visibility and analytics solutions for Cable/MSO and Fixed Line Network providers deliver crucial, predictive service insights and proactive service assurance service triage tools to meet your business objectives and profitability goals. Whether you are rolling out Carrier WiFi, offering Video on Demand (VOD) Service, delivering OTT services, expanding your Business Service offerings, or virtualizing elements of your network, you need the visibility that NETSCOUT provides.

Cable/MSO Provider & Fixed Line Network Solutions
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Why Use NETSCOUT for Cable/MSO Provider and Fixed Line Network Solutions?

  • Launch New Services Faster with Confidence
  • Achieve World-Class Service Assurance
  • Deliver Superior Customer Experience
  • Adapt and Evolve the Network for the Future
  • Identify and Support New Revenue Opportunities
  • Reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)



Vendor-agnostic, ultra-high definition data sources ensure a clear understanding of the true user experience.


Avoid unnecessary outages, lengthy war room escalations, and costly truck rolls with swift identification, investigation, and resolution of service degradation.


Encourage productivity and collaboration across organizations with highly scalable, end-to-end views of networks, service enablers and applications.


Make quick and impactful decisions based on automated, expert analysis of relevant business-focused information.

Focus Areas

Business Insights and Automated Analytics

Enrich NETSCOUT Smart Data with predictive analytics for Voice and WiFi services using embedded machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques.

Proactive Service Assurance

Monitor, prioritize and troubleshoot a wide range of subscriber sessions and events before your customers complain.

Support for 4G/5G CBRS Network Extensions

The lightly licensed Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) opens the door for cable/MSO and fixed service providers to enhance mobility and on-the-go offerings with more coverage, increased bandwidth and lower latency.

Cable/MSO and Fixed Operator Success Stories

The most demanding cable/MSO and fixed, networks in the world trust NETSCOUT service assurance and analytics solutions to deliver insights and assure the performance, availability and quality of their network and services.

Guarantee Superior Voice Quality

Unlike data services, consumers have expectations around voice service and meeting those expectations can be challenging. A consistent quality voice service experience requires visibility into the IP network and clarity around how service enablers are working together with the IMS core.

Detailed IP-level insights into the control and user plane, end-to-end visibility, and assurance across subscriber, network, and service domains improve understanding of the voice service experience.

Fixed Network Solutions

Maintain Visibility Across Virtual Infrastructures

As elements of the network migrate from physical hardware into virtual infrastructure and the cloud, the network becomes more complex – and assuring service delivery becomes increasingly more difficult. Critical insights are needed to ensure a flawless user experience.

Virtualized functions provide key functionality such as authentication services, routing and switching functionality, and domain name services (DNS). Applying NETSCOUT’s solution can create visibility to assure the overall user experience and prevent customer churn.

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Accelerate and Assure SD-WAN Deployment Success

In moving to an SD-WAN solution, organizations stand to gain tremendous flexibility and agility in their IT infrastructure, but they also take on significant risk as traffic is often carried over “best effort,” broadband access networks. End-through-end application visibility is a critical component of our Cable/MSO provider and fixed line network FTTH/FTTX solutions that contributes to understanding and maintaining a high-quality user experience.

With enterprises actively investing in SD-WAN as a cost-effective and preferred means to connect branch offices and other fixed locations to the corporate network and enable higher quality, real-time applications, assuring and protecting the end-user experience is both complex and necessary.

NETSCOUT’s vendor and technology agnostic solution delivers end-through-end application visibility and proactive monitoring of LAN/WAN traffic flowing through the VNF service chain.


Cable/MSO Provider Solutions
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Ensure “On-the-Go” Service Delivery

A growing demand for video, data and voice services drives the need for a reliable and high-performance carrier WiFi infrastructure.

NETSCOUT’s solution provides the necessary service insights and traffic-based network intelligence to enable commercial offerings for on-the-go subscribers and opening new markets and revenue opportunities beyond the home.

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Ensure On-the-Go Service Delivery

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