Cost-effectively Expand On-the-Go Coverage

Many Cable/MSO providers will complement their Wi-Fi networks with Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS). By taking advantage of the shared radio spectrum, providers can utilize lightly-licensed 5GHz to deliver a better internet service experience while reducing MNO fee overhead.

TrueCall enhances the nGeniusONE and nGenius Session Analyzer proactive assurance offerings with Air-to Core visibility for seamless and consistent “Last Mile” performance. This toolset is uniquely designed to proactively monitor and troubleshoot the rollout and ongoing, efficient operation of CBRS 5G infrastructures.

Cost-effectively Expand On-the-Go Coverage
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NETSCOUT’s Proactive Service Assurance Solutions for 5G CBRS

NETSCOUT is a trusted partner with comprehensive tools that give service providers the insights needed to deliver unparalleled network and service performance for a consistent, world-class subscriber experience.

Proactive Service Monitoring and Reporting

  • Top-Down Workflows for Service, KPI, Session, Packet
  • Application Models for Ease of Use
  • OA&M Configuration and Health
  • Comprehensive Alarming Platform
  • Automated Baselining and Exclusion Zones

Subscriber-Level Troubleshooting

  • Industry Leading Session Trace Solution supports Multi-protocol, 5G/4G/IMS/Wi-Fi
  • Lightweight Platform, HTML5 UI, x86 Architecture, Cloud Ready
  • Subscriber Cache Server with Optimized Search, Improved Performance and Cloud Native Design
  • API Support for Integration and Automation
  • End-to-End, Multi-Vendor Support for Air Interface, Core, IMS, and Application Servers

RAN Planning & GeoAnalytics

  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Geolocation of Subscribers
  • RAN KPI Heat-Maps
  • Reduce Drive-Testing and Cell Site Planning
  • GeoAnalytics and Data Monetization
  • Smart Data nBA Feeds