Treat patients swiftly, safely, and efficiently. An industry that leads most others with adoption of digital transformations, healthcare networks depends on the performance and availability of their network and applications. Visibility Without Borders provides the evidence needed to ensure the seamless operation and accessibility of clinical applications like electronic medical records, radiology, and telemedicine operate, from anywhere, any time, over any device. With groundbreaking packet-level monitoring and analysis, Netscout offers solutions for comprehensive analysis into healthcare services through traditional, private, and public cloud environments.

Healthcare ASI Diagram
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From the point a patient begins their engagement with a medical center, their experience is going to be affected by a variety of software applications, across different facilities, for several different patient care services. Any disruption in quality performance or availability of patient information, appointment scheduling, telemedicine session, imaging services or accounting will have patient care impacting results – delaying treatment or worse. Netscout delivers service assurance solutions for both wired and wireless infrastructures in healthcare organizations.

NETSCOUT Solutions for Healthcare

  • Visibility into what matters most — Clinical applications like EMR, Imaging, Telemedicine, and e-Prescription
  • Unique comprehensive analysis — with combination of passive and active monitoring and synthetic testing
  • End-user experience assurance from operating room, carts on wheels, and medical buildings
  • Scalable network insights across private, public, and multi-cloud environments

Key Healthcare Focal Areas

Clinical Application Performance

For the most critical healthcare applications, including EMR, Imaging, Telemedicine, e-Prescription and others. nGeniusONE Service Assurance solutions provides real-time, continuous visibility anywhere for any service.

Business Application Performance

Accounting, billing, voice and video communications, ERP and e-mail are all essential services and require service assurance using nGeniusONE.

Healthcare Network Performance Management

The complexity of modern, healthcare networks depends on Visibility Without Borders.

Healthcare Security & Availability

Protecting the availability of a healthcare is critically important for a business with regulatory requirement for uptime and secure records.

One of the largest nonprofit healthcare organizations in the United States has an on-going investment in NETSCOUT that is extremely valuable, delivering smart data and actionable insights across the entire service delivery infrastructure.

As an integrated health system organization we use Netscout to improve customer experience and achieved an ROI within 3 to 6 months.

- IT Architect at Fortune 500 Health Care Company

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Keys to Delivering Quality Healthcare Services

Delivering health services and clinical applications reliably and consistently in a 24-hour, 7 day a week, 365 days a year environment is challenging. Learn more about the four things leading healthcare organizations do well when it comes to managing and keeping their complex IT services operating efficiently that help optimize the patient experience.

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