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ASERT is NETSCOUT’s elite group of engineers and researchers specializing in information security. Their breadth and depth of knowledge and real-world experience combined with NETSCOUT’s unique, unrivaled visibility into global internet traffic and threat landscape, enables them to provide insights and mediation for customers to manage active threats and their long-term security profile. 

The ASERT team freely shares insights for the global good threat blogs, customer advisories, and the bi-annual DDoS Threat Intelligence Report, to increase knowledge and preparation for dealing with evolving threats.

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ASERT Research and Advisories

Stay up to date on the latest advisories and research.

ATLAS Intelligence Feed

Automatically arms Arbor DDoS Solutions with the latest DDoS attack tactics and Indicators of Compromise.


DDoS Threat Intelligence Report

Bi-annual report from ASERT’s vast, unique visibility into global DDoS attack trends and activity.

NETSCOUT Threat Horizon

See DDoS attacks around the world in near real-time.

NETSCOUT ASERT Cybersecurity Blog

Stay up to date with ASERT research and alerts.