Max Resing

Max Resing

Threat Intelligence Analyst

Max is a Computer Science student at the University of Twente in the Netherlands. His study specializes on cyber security, his personal focus are network protocols, the Internet and how to measure it. He started at NETSCOUT as a research intern before he joined the team as a research analyst.

He started his professional path with an apprenticeship to become a software engineer. Later on, he started to attend University. Besides studying, he gained experience as a full-stack developer in part-time. Shortly before he joined NETSCOUT, Max was part of a project team at the University of Twente and OpenINTEL. The team's work was to measure the DNSSEC deployment in two European TLDs.

At NETSCOUT, his recent contributions focus on the visibility analysis of the cumulated view on the Internet's ebbs and flows that the many Sightline deployments see.

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