Keeping People Connected and Collaborating

Unified Communications & Collaboration (UC&C) services need to be available and perform well all the time to support your business or organization as you engage with customers, prospects, partners, vendors, and employees.

As everyone knows firsthand, our world and our lives have changed drastically the past few years.  For UC&C, the most significant changes include:

  • Work from anywhere and anytime
  • UCaaS is becoming the platform of choice
  • Video and Web Conferencing is the “Norm” for work meetings, conference calls, classroom discussions and even doctor visits
  • Problems with UC&C persist and consume IT staff cycles
  • UC&C investments and expectations are higher than ever
  • Value of the Business/Organization is unlocked when UC&C works well

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Poor performance, under-utilization, application unavailability, and service disruptions to your UC&C services all have painful costs that, depending upon your industry, can have significant negative impacts on:

  • Money - lost revenue, revenue delays, and costly service repairs
  • Risk - lost customers, poor service levels, statutory violations, brand damage, and impairing critical services
  • People - lost productivity, high frustration, poor user experience, communication breakdowns, and reduced information flows
  • Time - wasted trying to identify and solve problems and lost when applications are degraded or down

Thriving with UC&C means IT Professionals need a complete vendor-agnostic holistic view and robust performance management capabilities to mitigate risk and keep UC&C applications, platforms and services available and running well.

NETSCOUT’s rich history of Scalable Deep Packet Inspection, Smart Data Technology and Unified Communications expertise, enables us to provide innovative technology and best practices to ensure availability and high performance of UC&C environments.



MONITOR Comprehensively & Completely
  • End-User Experience
  • Network Packet Monitoring & Synthetic Testing
  • Voice, Video, or Data in Real-Time
  • Health of UC&C Environment
SEE & UNDERSTAND What Matters Most
  • Real-Time Voice & Video Performance
  • Call Signaling Server Performance
  • Network and Service Enablers
  • Business Applications
WORK ACROSS & WITHIN Any & All UC&C Environments
  • Any & All Vendors
  • All Applications at Any Scale
  • Any level of Complexity
  • Any Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, Private Cloud, UCaaS & On-Premise UC&C Application
SUPPORT All Aspects of the UC&C Environment
  • Pre-Deployment Planning & Assessments
  • Base-lining & Rollout
  • Ongoing Operations & Management

UC&C Key Focal Areas

Video and Web Conferencing

Smart Data, UC&C Monitoring technology and Smart Edge Monitoring ensure the user experience in Video and Web Conferencing platforms and applications.

Contact Centers

Keep agents and customers connected and communicating in your Contact Centers with a comprehensive and complete UC&C Performance Management Strategy.

UC&C in the Cloud and Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)

Software-based instrumentation and synthetic testing with Smart Edge Monitoring enables powerful troubleshooting and enhances the user experience for UCaaS users.

Protecting Voice & Video Performance

Real-time voice and video media performance monitoring from Scalable Deep Packet Inspection and synthetic testing pinpoints issues for rapid resolution to improve the user experience.

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