Why High Performing Unified Communications & Collaboration Services and Applications Are Essential

Unified Communications & Collaboration (UC&C) services need to be available at all times to support your business or organization as you engage with customers, prospects, partners, vendors, and employees. Managing complex multi-vendor UC&C environments where voice, video, video conferencing, and instant messaging are more tightly coupled with other IT systems, such as email, calendar, authentication, and DNS systems, over the converged IP network is extremely difficult without complete visibility and strong performance management capabilities.

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Poor performance, underutilization, application unavailability, and service disruptions to your UC&C services all have painful costs that depending upon your industry, can have significant negative impacts on:

  • Money - lost revenue, revenue delays, and costly service repairs
  • Risk - lost customers, poor service levels, statutory violations, brand damage, and impairing critical services where lives are at stake
  • People - lost productivity, high frustration, poor user experience, communication breakdowns, and reduced flow of information
  • Time - wasted trying to identify and solve problems and lost when applications are degraded or down that you never get back


See and Understand What Matters Most
  • Real-time voice and video performance
  • Call signaling server performance
  • Network and service enablers
Monitor Comprehensively and Completely
  • Passively and actively
  • Voice, video, or data in real time
  • Health of UC&C environment
  • End-user experience
Work Across and Within Any and All UC&C Environments
  • Any and all vendors
  • All applications at any scale
  • Simple to highly complex cloud, hybrid cloud, private cloud, and on-premise UC&C applications
Support All Aspects of the UC&C Environment
  • Pre-deployment planning and assessments
  • Baselining and rollout
  • Ongoing operations and management
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