Smart  Outcomes for Better Results
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Smart  Outcomes for Better Results

NETSCOUT’s unique approach combines the best of machine- and human-based analytics solutions to deliver a high scalable architecture and unmatched domain expertise.

With a focus that extends beyond problem identification and isolation, the NETSCOUT automated analytics solution leverages Smart Data to quantify and qualify business impact and service/customer behavior for predictive analysis and improved decision-making.

NETSCOUT’s Automated Intelligence Analytics Solutions

NETSCOUT’s Smart Outcome solutions for Service Providers address present and future challenges facing cable/MSO and fixed operators.  

WiFi Analytics

  • Assess the severity and impact of WiFi login problems including latency, market- and SSD-specific delays and access point rollout performance.
  • Characterize last mile performance against golden thresholds for packet loss and last mile latency.
  • Evaluate throughput and top app tonnage with visibility to the transport layer.

Voice Analytics

  • Support VoWiFi and VoIP services.
  • Automate identification of areas with systemic call drops, SIP registration and call setup failures, voice quality degradation and audio gaps.
  • Accelerate isolation of problems to specific elements and devices.
  • Deliver actionable business and operational insights.

Smart Outcome Framework

  • Address the increasing complexity of the digital age.
  • Maintain and improve the customer experience.
  • Accelerate the delivery of new services.
  • Leverage 30+ years of domain expertise.
  • Achieve results with a highly scalable carrier-grade Smart Data platform.