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Flexible work models and digital transformation advancements have evolved remote site operations. The use of VPN, SASE, SD-WAN, and similar technology has created complex distributed working environments and user experience challenges. This complexity adds to the burden and puts a strain on IT teams and increases the need for end-through-end visibility to continuously monitor remote network and application performance. Reliance on remote site operations has increased the need for packet-based performance management solutions that reduce mean time to repair (MTTR) issues, eliminate visibility gaps, improve troubleshooting time, and scale to support business needs.

Remote Site Visibility & Performance Monitoring

NETSCOUT solutions provide remote site visibility into…

  • Manned and unmanned sites
  • Direct internet connections
  • Split-tunnel connections from remote sites to SaaS applications and the Internet
  • Inbound/outbound voice and video traffic from UCaaS technology
  • VPN, SD-WAN, LAN/WAN, and SASE tunnel connections
  • ISP gateways without tunneling
  • Client users
  • Third parties
Enhanced Visibility to Power Remote Sites Everywhere
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Enhanced Visibility to Power Remote Sites Everywhere

Remote site environments come in different forms like research clinics, factories and warehouses, sales and service offices, retail storefronts, branch office locations, manufacturing plants, and so many more. These remote sites require consistent connectivity and collaboration from anywhere, at any time – and no longer require  traffic to pass though the data center. Digital transformations have impacted remote locations with the growing use of SASE, SD-WAN, SaaS and UCaaS services, and more.

This new layer of complexity emphasizes the need for end-through-end network and application performance visibility to power today’s workforce. Remote network and application performance monitoring solutions provide much-needed assistance to IT teams who are not able to present physically at each remote site. To improve troubleshooting time, nGenius Enterprise Performance Management solutions reduce mean time to knowledge (MTTK) and identify the true root cause of slowdowns and degradations to quickly resolve issues before negative impact is realized. Simplifying this process is critical to maintain quality digital experiences and employee productivity in today’s collaborative world.

Proactively Monitor Remote Site Performance and User Experience

While working from remote sites anywhere in the world, employees expect high-quality digital experiences that are reliable and secure. With nGenius Enterprise Performance Management, organizations can continuously monitor, troubleshoot, and trend remote application and network performance issues.

Using Smart Data and deep packet inspection at scale, IT teams can gather real-time performance insights that will help improve user experience quality and overall employee productivity.

Assure User Experience

Remote Site Performance Monitoring with NETSCOUT

Continuously Monitor Remote Site Performance with NETSCOUT.