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How Omnis Cyber Intelligence Addresses a Ransomware Attack

Omnis Cyber Intelligence and Omnis CyberStream form a comprehensive, advanced network threat detection and response platform that empowers organizations to combat ransomware attacks effectively.

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Ransomware attacks have become one of the most pervasive and damaging cybersecurity threats, targeting organizations of all sizes. Effective protection requires a multi-faceted approach that includes advanced threat detection, rapid response, and comprehensive visibility across the entire network. Omnis™ Cyber Intelligence (OCI) and Omnis™ CyberStream sensors provide a robust platform designed to address many stages of a ransomware attack, leveraging cutting-edge technology to ensure your network remains secure.

Ransomware attacks unfold in multiple stages, each designed to compromise an organization’s defenses, with the end goal to extort payment. These stages typically include initial infection, establishing persistence, command and control communication, data exfiltration, encryption, ransom note delivery, and post-attack cleanup. Each stage requires targeted detection and response strategies to effectively mitigate the threat.

Here’s how OCI can be utilized to address a ransomware attack across these stages: