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Strengthen Cybersecurity of Space and SATCOM Network with NETSCOUT Omnis Cyber Intelligence

Gain complete visibility into your network security, whether it’s on-premises, virtual, or in hybrid cloud environments, ensuring no blind spots in your security monitoring.

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Cybersecurity for space missions and satellite communication (SATCOM) is not optional and should be taken seriously. The barrier to entry for threat actors has significantly reduced as well as attack surface has been exposed further, exposing organizations to all kinds of cyberattacks from hobbyist and script kiddies to highly motivated nation state threat-actors.

The main threats that target space and SATCOM infrastructure are not different in many cases from other well-known threats seen in many other fields and in critical infrastructure outside of the space domain. The reason why those are now affecting the space domain so much is mainly due to a dramatic evolution in technology for space infrastructures.

One of main solutions to combat and mitigate these threats is defense in depth and one of key components in detection, mitigation, and effective remediation and incident response is highly scalable and efficient network visibility solution.