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Adaptive DDoS Protection with NETSCOUT Arbor Edge Defense (AED) 8100

NETSCOUT products can automate the development of new defenses for newly discovered attack vectors promptly and continue to protect our customer's critical business applications and services.

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Adaptive DDoS Protection for Arbor Edge Defense® (AED) is NETSCOUT’s innovation to help you address the challenges of defending against dynamic DDoS attacks.

Step 1 Analyze – Adaptive DDoS Protection uses machine learning (ML) to continuously analyze new packets that have passed current countermeasures configured on AED.

Step 2: Detect – Then it detects any unblocked attacks and identifies the attack types and the services under attack.

Step 3: Alert – The third step is to alert users with specific attack details as well as recommendations for the implementation of protection actions.

Step 4: Update Blocking – The fourth step is to update countermeasure configurations to block the newly detected attacks.

Step 5: Repeat – This cycle repeats to make sure you have the latest defense in place.