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Global Service Company Ensures Cloud-Integrated and AI Services During Migration

Improving Application Performance With Deep Observability Insights

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This global service company offers thousands of state-of-the-art security solutions and smart systems to millions of commercial and residential customers. With offices in over 40 countries, this longtime NETSCOUT® customer and technology-driven innovator is highly respected as an early adopter of technology, such as artificial intelligence (AI), to enhance its product lines.

During an ambitious migration to the public cloud, ITOps, AIOps, and CloudOps teams realized they did not have sufficient visibility to monitor increasing traffic and the large amount of modernized servers, thousands of applications, virtual desktops, etc. moving to the cloud. Some of these applications are customized or built from scratch and had been running on-premises in VMware prior to the migration; others are monolithic and being converted to microservices or run in containerized environments. This lack of visibility was their worst-case scenario. To quote an IT leader at the company:

“To realize that these visibility problems were happening without our knowledge and not knowing how to quickly fix them was truly a system management nightmare.”

Read the case study to see how NETSCOUT helped.