Virtual Desktop Interface technologies and NETSCOUT
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Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI) technologies, such as Citrix and VMware Horizon, are key enablers of hybrid work. Flexible work environments and digital transformation have created dependencies and added volume to these technologies that can vary greatly. Several VDI performance challenges may emerge as a result of the the shift to hybrid work models:

  • Volatility and variations in the number of remote workers causes shifts in the ingress/egress traffic patterns into data centers and colocations. Citrix ICA, EDT, and other VDI transports are extremely sensitive to latency that may result from high bandwidth utilization and poor QoS allocation. This necessitates ongoing monitoring to ensure remote work demands are met.
  • Visibility into the performance of VDIs ensures that metrics and KPIs are available for both capacity planning and troubleshooting complex problems.
  • Business tasks performed by remote workers must be maintained at acceptable user experience levels. Quality degradations can be detrimental to workforce productivity and business continuity.
  • Since the remote-to-data center, colocation or cloud/SaaS connectivity of every remote worker’s access environment is different, there is a need for an objective analysis of VDI performance and the underlying applications its serves to effectively maintain and troubleshoot the entire service chain.

nGenius Enterprise Performance Management for VDI

Gain visibility from the core to the edge, as well as insight into end-user experience.

VDI Performance

Assure remote workers who depend on a VDI solution receive acceptable performance when accessing application services by quickly pinpointing bottlenecks. NETSCOUT provides visibility into the VDI transports such as Ctirix ICA and the interaction of networks and infrastructure components that ICA relies on inclusive of QoS setting, latency, and availability. From data centers to colocations to the cloud and at home, NETSCOUT solutions continuously monitor VDI performance.

Application Performance

Maintain quality performance of applications delivered through the VDI interface. NETSCOUT helps troubleshoot issues across the entire complex service chains in VDI environments from application tiers to the end-user. Additionally, NETSCOUT solutions can automatically and continuously test and collect application performance data from the end-user perspective.

Network Performance

VDI performance depends on a well-tuned low latency network. NETSCOUT solutions provide multi-layered visibility across your entire network inclusive of hop-by-hop QoS setting, wireless, and last mile performance. Flexibility in meeting workforce requirements may require an increased number of configuration changes, which may lead to unintended consequences. NETSCOUT’s real-time network monitoring enhances situational awareness and enables early warning for critical network incidents in both wired and wireless envinrments.

User Experience Performance

Corporate productivity depends on employee productivity. That means those employees must receive the same quality of experience with business applications, whether they are in their corporate office or accessing over VDI remotely from colocations or the cloud. NETSCOUT’s unique continuous testing can help organizations meet and surpass their goals for employee experience with visibility into performance of their VDI technologies.

Delivering Quality Experiences to Hybrid Workers through VDI Technology

NETSCOUT network and application monitoring solutions assure the performance of complex VDI technology. From the applications that drive the business through the VDI connection and over the networks that tie it all together, nGenius Enterprise Performance Management solutions provide end-through-end visibility into performance. Whether in co-los or private data centers, continuous VDI monitoring lowers mean-time-to-knowledge (MTTK) and ultimately reduces mean-time-to-repair (MTTR) when performance issues do occur.

Delivering Quality Experiences to Hybrid Workers through VDI Technology
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Protect VDI Performance with NETSCOUT.