Network Complexity is growing without bound – 5G Standalone introduces new complexity such as Voice over New Radio (VoNR), Network Slicing, Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC), new Security Risks, and Cloud Migration; while there is still a need to focus on the performance of 4G, VoLTE, Voice, WiFi, Fixed Line, and Video services. To manage this growing complexity, automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) must expand across multiple network domains.

Typically, successfully achieving multi-domain automation frameworks is a complex challenge that involves multiple groups and cross-functional teams with deep domain knowledge across numerous disciplines manually sorting through hundreds of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Key Quality Indicators (KQIs), dashboards, and metrics.   

But with NETSCOUT, Communication Service Providers (CSPs) have the autonomy to create recipes based on their unique business requirements.
NETSCOUT solution can help CSPs create the right recipe to build an Automated Consultant with AI/ML models to accurately slice through all the false positives and quickly find the proverbial “needle in the haystack” for the most business-impacting issues across the entire mobile network for every single service and subscriber.

Join us in this webinar to learn from NETSCOUT’s Chief Solutions Architect, Rick Fulwiler, and Director of Service Provider Marketing and Business Development, John English, about:

  • Key elements needed to automate, manage and supercharge your subscribers’ experience
  • Using automation and quality information to empower teams and quickly solve business problems with actionable insights
  • Building automation frameworks for your unique 5G Standalone network