Expand Your Visibility Fabric with Advanced Packet Broker Functionality

The nGenius® Packet Flow Switch (PFS) 7000 series models operate at speeds from 1Gbps to 400Gbps. In addition to core packet broker functionality, such as filtering, load balancing, aggregation and replication, they provide advanced capabilities including header stripping, L2GRE and VxLAN tunnel origination and termination, time stamping (some models) and inline security with external PowerSafe TAP integration. Enabled with self-organizing mesh technology, the nGenius PFS 7000 series easily scales for massive network monitoring needs.


Simplify Your Visibility Architecture

Simplify and grow your visibility architecture on demand, with up to 12.8 Tbps throughput for 1/10/25/40/100/400GbE deployments

Easily Scale Deployments

Easily scale deployments with intelligent, self-organizing and self-healing mesh technology

De-risk Security Installs

De-risk security deployment with active inline traffic forwarding, security service chaining, health checks and external PowerSafe bypass TAPs

nGenius 7000 Series Packet Flow Switches hardware
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High-port Count for 1/10/25/40/100/400GbE Deployments

The nGenius PFS 7000 packs a lot of interfaces into a compact form factor and is suitable for branch or data center deployments. Connect HD Fiber TAPs and any number of tools, including the NETSCOUT InfiniStream® platform, to the nGenius PFS 7000, and easily manage a diverse and complex monitoring network. Flow-aware load balancing enables intelligent control of traffic distribution to the monitoring tools, increasing output capacity while maintaining session integrity. For example, traffic from a 100GbE TAP can be captured and automatically balanced across multiple 10GbE or 40GbE monitoring tool ports based on user-defined session criteria.


Assuring Quality Client Engagements With UC&C Visibility Protects Revenue
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Assuring Quality Client Engagements With UC&C Visibility Protects Revenue

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