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NETSCOUT Removes IT Visibility Gaps to Assure Performance of Service Enablers

NETSCOUT nGenius Enterprise Performance Management solution has a proven track record in monitoring virtually any application in any environment, including the protocols they depend on to operate.

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When people think about high-quality network and application performance, their attention is appropriately on assuring the most important business-critical applications. However, there is a supporting set of services that are necessary for any user, networking device, and/or application to simply operate. These are known as service enablers, and they provide authentication, network privileges, DNS, and other critical ancillary functions. Performance visibility for service enablers is a priority to help avoid or quickly rectify issues that might cause a slow-down or an outage that can affect multiple mission-critical applications. This white paper covers challenges, benefits, value, use cases, and instrumentation strategies for performance monitoring and management of service enablers.