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How NETSCOUT Omnis Network Security Protects GCP

Learn how NETSCOUT Omnis Cyber Intelligence solution provides comprehensive visibility to effectively detect and mitigate cyber threats in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) hybrid cloud environments.

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NETSCOUT® Omnis™ Network Security is an advanced, DPI-based NDR solution . At the core of this comprehensive platform lies Omnis CyberStream’s network sensors. These sensors available as an appliance or virtual machines (called vCyberstream), provide highly scalable deep packet inspection providing enterprises unparalleled visibility to accurately identify vulnerabilities and threats that exist in their hybrid cloud environments.

CyberStream network sensors can be deployed pervasively across an organization’s network environment including private corporate data centers, network perimeters, interior networks, Colocation sites, and public clouds like GCP. To gain packet-level visibility in a GCP environment, a virtual version of CyberStream called vCyberStream is used.

As depicted, vCyberStream supports multiple GCP environments.