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nGenius Enterprise Performance Management for DNS

nGeniusONE can pinpoint busy or degraded performance for specific DNS servers and simultaneously identify the users or application servers causing or suffering from the problems.

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The nGeniusONE solution provides real-time visibility into the performance of application services by analyzing packet data across the network, on premises or in the cloud. Powered by Adaptive Service IntelligenceTM (ASI) technology, the highly scalable and patented deep-packet inspection engine, nGeniusONE provides IT organizations with a comprehensive view of DNS service performance across the application delivery environment. nGeniusONE leverages high- value packet data to generate “smart data” for smarter analytics to assure performance, manage risk, and facilitate superior decision- making regarding application and network services. With these smarter analytics, IT teams can quickly triage performance issues even in complex multi-vendor environments, ultimately reducing Mean Time to Repair (MTTR).