Centralized Orchestration and Management of the Packet Flow Switch Fabric

nGenius PFS Fabric Manager is a central management pane of glass that enables users to easily configure, deploy, and troubleshoot monitoring networks consisting of the nGenius 5000 and 7000 series packet flow switches and nGenius Packet Flow eXtender Software. It provides an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface with powerful but simple-to-use workflows that cover the three major areas, or lifecycles, of a packet flow switch system: configuration, deployment, and monitoring.  Inline toolchains are configured via the Inline lifecycle.

nGenius PFS Fabric Manager
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Single Pane of Glass

Manage your fleet of PFS and PFX from a single interface.

Intuitive, Drag-n-Drop UI

Browser-based (HTML5) UI makes easy work of configuring and monitoring your PFS.

Graphical Topologies

Graphical topologies make even complicated configurations easy to set up – and to understand.