nGenius Collector

Netflow, sflow, jflow records

Collect, analyze and store high-volume, flow-based data to provide cost-effective visibility for distributed IT environments.

Achieving a comprehensive monitoring strategy

Incorporating flow-based and IP SLA data into a comprehensive monitoring strategy lets you to make the most of your existing monitoring investments, while optimizing total cost of ownership.

The flow data challenge

IT regularly faces the extraordinary challenge of data collection within an existing infrastructure of routers and switches. With NetScout’s highly scalable nGenius Collector, you can effectively and cost-efficiently collect readily available flow data from up to 5000 flow-enabled router or switch interfaces per appliance.

Collect and store high-volume flow data

The nGenius Collector 3300 series is a high-capacity appliance that collects consistent flow-based data from enabled routers and switches such as Cisco NetFlow, Juniper J-Flow, Huawei NetStream and sFlow. The appliance analyzes flow datagrams, generates key metadata and maps this information for display and reporting from NetScout’s NetFlow Analysis Solution for use in assuring the delivery of application services.

nGenius Collector converts flow records into a common data model that is usable by the NetFlow Analysis Solution. To provide information related to application conversation data and traffic priorities for specific applications, Flow records analyzed by the NetScout solution for flows include: 

  • Source and destination IP addresses
  • Type of service bit or Differentiated Services Code Point (ToS or DSCP)
  • Application port numbers
  • Autonomous System Numbers (ASN)
Products you can trust

Let us show you how nGenius Collector analyzes flow datagrams and IP SLA tests to generate key metadata so you can incorporate the information into a comprehensive monitoring strategy.

“We are solving a lot more problems with the nGenius solution than we did before we had it.” – Fortune 500 Banking Institution

  • Data Sheet

nGenius Collector 3300 Appliance

nGenius Collector is a hardened Linux®-based appliance containing two terabytes (TB) hard drive and dual power supplies.

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nGenius for Flows

nGenius® for Flows analyzes and maps Flow-based data and IP SLA results gathered by nGenius Collectors.

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