Gain complete visibility and rapid insight by gathering traffic data at key vantage points throughout your IT environment using passive, non-disruptive, and scalable technology. Build a strategic monitoring architecture To achieve holistic visibility, you need a seamless, high-density monitoring fabric that can provide the scale, capacity, and flexibility needed to efficiently and intelligently manage the distribution of this traffic for performance management and security purposes. This monitoring fabric enables IT to gain visibility into all network traffic from key vantage points. Big data calls for big solutions With the growing complexity of services and the proliferation of security threats, more network data has to be processed in real-time for performance management and security purposes. NetScout’s nGenius Packet Flow switches enable the intelligent distribution of big data in large and complex service delivery infrastructures. Passive, non-disruptive, and scalable network monitoring The nGenius Packet Flow switch family provides time proven data center-class switching technology needed to construct large-scale network monitoring fabrics. It enables you to efficiently consolidate scarce and costly monitoring points and intelligently share valuable traffic flows on a consistent basis across multiple nGenius performance management and CyberSecurity tools. Key benefits of the nGenius Packet Flow Switch include:

  • Extends and streamlines traffic-based intelligence access across the enterprise for enabling comprehensive network monitoring, performance management, and security strategies
  • Industry-leading scalability to meet the monitoring needs of high-density, high-growth locations in data center and private/hybrid cloud deployments
  • Improves monitoring tool performance and avoids overload by sending only the right information to the right tool
  • Extends monitoring tool longevity by enabling 1 GbE and 10 GbE devices to access traffic on higher speed 10 GbE, 40 GbE and 100 GbE links
  • Enhances dependability of performance monitoring by delivering high-performance connectivity with industry leading low latency
  • Optimizes investment in the monitoring fabric via common interface modules and a granular pay-as-you grow deployment model
  • Reduces the burden of administering the monitoring fabric with an intelligent, unified provisioning and management platform
  • Synergistic integration with the nGenius solution streamlines monitoring operations
  • Ability to watch over all your systems, services and vulnerabilities vigilantly today and into the future

The scalable nGenius solution with its real-time and historical information provides an all-in-one solution, allowing the Grange network team to troubleshoot and plan capacity enterprise wide.” -Grange Insurance Read More Solutions you can trust NetScout provides time proven solutions that unlock the power of traffic-based data to efficiently deliver service intelligence in the world’s largest and most demanding networks. Let us show you how our nGenius Packet Flow Switch family can help support your diverse network traffic monitoring operations and requirements.


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