World's First Smart Network Tester for the Connected World

Simple, comprehensive, Android-based testing platform improves the effectiveness of network professionals, accelerating device deployment and connectivity troubleshooting.

Get a Free Power over Ethernet Poster

This 1 page reference poster that you can print at your own office will serve as a quick guide for powered devices and the 802.3af/at Standards A and B.

Troubleshoot Wi-Fi & Wired Solutions Simultaneously

The OneTouch AT is an all-in-one network tester for Ethernet and Wi-Fi troubleshooting. Solve problems faster, escalate issues more efficiently, and validate performance easily.

Our award-winning handheld network tools have been helping organizations more effectively manage and troubleshoot their networks since 1993.

The access network impacts every end-user’s daily work and is the most dynamic environment to maintain. With growing demands on bandwidth and the growing proliferation of connected devices, the complexities that IT professional must deal with are ever increasing. What is needed are solutions that simplify and automate their tasks, regardless of skill level.