Assuring service delivery requires instrumenting closer to the core network to monitor service enablers such as DNS and Active Directory. With application migration from the on-premises data center to external locations, instrumenting service enablers is no longer optional – it’s a critical requirement.

Instrumenting service enablers using the InfiniStreamNG appliance from NETSCOUT provides data that helps IT Ops retain control of their internal network and share performance and security metrics and evidence with the co-location and SaaS vendors. When done right, it significantly reduces Mean-Time-To-Resolution (MTTR) and maintains high-quality user experience. On-premises service enabler monitoring is a “must have” to assure reliable access to cloud services.

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Gain Visibility into Service Enablers

Not all applications are moving to the cloud. Some users on campus, regional headquarters and branch offices require uninterrupted access to, and depend on, legacy applications and services. The IT organization must continuously monitor these applications and services to deliver the best possible user experience. By deploying cost effective certified appliance-based instrumentation from NETSCOUT, IT teams gain deeper visibility into the on-premises data center and quickly solve performance issues such as why database transactions are running slow or applications queries are taking so long

Solution Brief

Data Center Transformation

Rapid Service Triage and Actionable Visibility for Workload Migration

Additional Use Cases

Drastically improve your service MTTR (Mean Time to Repair) and migrate applications with confidence in your hybrid cloud

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