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Gain Visibility Into Server Farms

Continuous monitoring of services in hybrid environments allows the IT organization to know what applications are running and how well they are performing and quickly troubleshoot any service degradation issues. The vSTREAM virtual appliance from NETSCOUT provides much needed visibility into applications running in virtualized server farms, on-premises and in the cloud, and across any vendor landscape, including VMware NSX-T, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

The InfiniStreamNG software appliance monitors N/S traffic from on-premises to the co-location and the IaaS or SaaS cloud. The nGeniusONE Service Assurance platform provides real-time situational awareness, consistent analytics and views, and to intelligently pinpoint data, network, session, and application elements that are causing performance problems to accelerate problem resolutions and reduce MTTR.

Migrating workloads to the cloud is not trivial. While cloud vendors provide the framework and platform to help you with the physical aspects of workload migration, they lack the full stack L2 to L7 view into service performance and dependencies throughout the entire communications path. To make any headway with reliability, availability and responsiveness of services when migrating workloads, IT teams use NETSCOUT solutions to:

  • Identify which users are impacted
  • Identify infrastructure dependencies
  • Establish performance baselines
  • Support an application upgrade and migration strategy
  • Help determine which applications to lift-and-shift, refactor, rewrite
  • Monitor migrated applications and compare to performance baselines
  • Report pre and post migration status
  • Prove ROI to upper management
gain visibility into applications migrated to cloud diagram
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Gain Visibility into Applications Migrated to Cloud

Assure service delivery in hybrid environments by instrumenting workloads in the cloud with vSTREAM. Automate VMware NSX-T and vCenter integration, in data centers and the cloud, for continuous application monitoring.

Leverage nGeniusONE to understand the applications, latencies, dependencies, and workload maps before migration. Identify which users are impacted, establish performance baselines, monitor migrated applications and compare to baselines, and assure CD/CI at scale.

Solution Brief

Data Center Transformation

Rapid Service Triage and Actionable Visibility for Workload Migration

Additional Use Cases

Continuous monitoring of services in modern on-premises data centers

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