Proactive Monitoring and Expert Advice for Quality UC&C and UCaaS Services

NETSCOUT VaaS engineers are experts in voice and video quality assurance. Gain proactive managed service support for triaging and troubleshooting issues in IT ecosystems, including data centers, contact centers, remote branches, and home use.

UC&C Netscout Deployment with NETSCOUT VaaS - A complex hybrid-cloud environment with multivendor network, voice/video, and infrastructure equipment, service enablers, devices, protocols and applications, WAN, and infinite locations/users, that need on-going monitoring and analysis from NETSCOUT VaaS experts.

NETSCOUT VaaS experts provide deep analysis, actionable insights, and recommendations to help optimize your UC&C IT resources, including:

  • Reliability and availability of key communications apps enterprise-wide, including VoIP, SIP, and RTP 
  • Early indicators of issues related to quality, such as MOS score, latency, and packet loss
  • End-user experience analysis with your corporate voice, as well as UCaaS services, such as Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom from wherever your users are working – home or office.


  • Ensure high-quality voice and video services, as well as business data services, simultaneously and cost effectively
  • Configuration, set-up, and critical insights for managing performance of voice, video, media in UC&C, UCaaS, and Contact Center environments
  • Executive-level reporting of voice and video ecosystems for evidence-based planning and decision-making

NETSCOUT team would work with us to dig into issues we were seeing at a site and helped us troubleshoot those issues until we found a resolution.

Global Online Hospitality/Travel Enterprise

NETSCOUT VaaS for UC&C and UCaaS Focal Areas

Quality Voice & Video Performance

NETSCOUT VaaS provides a managed service platform for “hands-free,” multi-vendor, real-time, voice and video application assurance. Leverages all Netscout monitoring tools in your environment.

Assures User Experience

For user experience analysis, provides set-up and configuration of business transaction tests (BTT). For UCaaS services, tracks tests for join meeting, start audio, start video, attend meeting, and leave meeting. Delays in any step will trigger alerts for NETSCOUT VaaS to investigate and resolve.

Network Performance

Comprehensive and complete analysis using both passive and active monitoring in your environment. Provides informed consultation on voice and video, call signaling protocols, network & service enablers, and business data applications, simultaneously.

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