We collect, correlate, organize, and analyze traffic data from all corners of your environment.


Delivers cost-effective and complete visibility while simplifying and streamlining your monitoring architecture and reducing risk to the network.

Monitoring fabric for the Connected World
You need a network monitoring fabric that allows multiple groups to access traffic flow data without creating disruptions. After all, there is no off. That’s why you need the ability to make dynamic connections from any TAP point in your network to any tool.

Ready for anything
As traffic volume grows, so too does risk of network failure. NetScout’s nGenius Packet Flow Switches and TAPs enable multiple IT groups to monitor their dependencies on the fabric, whether it’s service performance monitoring, VoLTE/IMS, video, OTT traffic or security.

Simplify and streamline your monitoring architecture
Combining industry-leading network packet flow switches, passive TAPs, and a highly flexible and scalable management platform for monitoring fabrics, NetScout supports diverse network traffic operations, including performance management, service delivery management, and security monitoring. Our robust family of TAPs provide InfiniStream appliances, powered by Adaptive Service Intelligence (ASI) technology, and nGenius Packet Flow Switches with full access to network traffic while remaining transparent to the networking infrastructure, eliminating disruption to data flows or protocol transactions.

Our TAPs and Packet Flow Switches include features such as:

  • Dynamic connections from any TAP point in the network to any tool
  • All inclusive packet conditioning on every blade simplifies network engineering, lowers costs, and offers better scalability of features
  • Scalable, modular fabric provides seamless growth with investment protection
  • Easy-to-use, multi-team, centralized management platform fosters collaboration between operations, planning, engineering, and marketing


“NetScout provides us with a single solution where you can go from looking at application performance and service health to network performance all from a single pane of glass. NetScout helps us to proactively manage and verify the overall health and performance of our services.” -Volodymyr Polishchuk, Systems Engineer, Cerner
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Products you can trust
In an increasingly complex, vulnerable and connected world, NetScout gives you the confidence to operate, innovate and compete at the highest level. Let us show you how NetScout TAPs and Packet Flow Switches provide the granular control of packet flows needed for performance management, security monitoring, VoLTE/IMS, and other types of applications.

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