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You’re not just committed to delivering innovative business services—you are committed to delivering the highest quality user experience possible, and so are we. For more than three decades, we have been focused on unlocking the power concealed in network data to help you get in front of problems before they become problems. We provide the highest level of service assurance across the most demanding and complex IT and Service Provider environments.



Our solutions revolutionize the delivery of applications and services to your organization.
NetScout solutions revolutionize the delivery of applications and services to your organization.

If it is important to you, it is important to us. Our solutions provide deep operational insight to virtually any type of digital service.
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Service Assurance

Gain real-time and actionable insights to help you anticipate and pinpoint performance problems, so you can provide a flawless user experience.

IT Initiatives

Optimize service delivery to improve the business and protect the user experience.


No matter the industry, we provide solutions to help take your business to the next level.

Test Optimization

We can help you get better utilization out of test tools, consolidate global resources, and leverage proven technology across more configurations.


Get in front of service issues before they happen, decreasing
traffic in the call center while providing key service insights and
increasing capabilities.


Increase the comprehensiveness of network services, gaining
visibility and monitoring capabilities to optimize cable networks.


Don’t let your service suffer as you expand your offerings. Get
service assurance and visibility in a wide range of new capabilities.

Machine to Machine

In the age of the Internet of Everything, test optimization is more important than ever. Ensure that information is gathered and responded to quickly.



We collect, correlate, organize, and analyze data from all points of your environment.
We collect, correlate, organize, and analyze data from all points of your environment.

Powered by Adaptive Service IntelligenceTM (ASI), and trusted by a consortium of the most recognized companies and organizations in the world, NetScout products deliver comprehensive and holistic service visibility across application tiers and mixed physical and virtual network environments.
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nGeniusONE Service Assurance Platform

Attain rapid and clear insights into service performance across your entire environment from the network, application and user community perspective. Quickly triage issues and assure extraordinary service quality from a single platform.

Intelligent Data Sources

Enabling pervasive visibility for all applications and services that flow across an IP network for real-time and historical analysis.

UC Performance Mangement

Managing voice and video within a unified service delivery management framework to address the challenges of delivering real-time unified communications.

Switches and TAPs

Simplifying and streamlining the network monitoring architecture while enhancing pervasive visibility strategies.

Analysis Modules

Collecting and viewing evidence through high-fidelity reconstruction of captured network traffic, including email, social media, chat, Web, voice, and video.



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