Proactive Monitoring

Proactive Service Triage Empowers You to Innovate with Confidence In the era of Digital Transformation, enterprises are constantly pressured to innovate by delivering IP services faster, at scale and with higher quality. As such, service degradations and outages are not an option. NETSCOUT helps you to proactively detect and resolve service issues by harnessing the full power of IP Intelligence.


Root-Cause Analysis

Reduce Time Wasted on Root-Cause Analysis NETSCOUT’s nGeniusONE platform powered by Adaptive Service Intelligence™ (ASI) technology delivers proactive service triage that helps identify the root-cause of service issues so they can be fixed before users are impacted. The nGeniusONE platform provides insight into all service dependencies based on continuous monitoring of the infrastructure, and offers contextual workflows that help guide the user to detect the root-cause with a few clicks of a mouse. In essence, NETSCOUT enables you to:

  • Assure business service availability/continuity and protect the user experience
  • Become more agile in delivering new services faster, at scale and with higher quality
  • Reduce time spent in the war room
  • Reduce operations and support cost and complexity
  • Accelerate problem resolution capabilities by proactively detecting service degradations and resolving issues before they impact end-users

According to an independent, third-party survey of NETSCOUT customers by TechValidate, “80% of surveyed customers reduced the time spent in the war room resolving core service incidents from 30+ hours down to 5-10 hours using NETSCOUT.”

TechValidate Survey of NETSCOUT Customers


Business Transformation

Allow Us to Help you Accelerate Your Digital Transformation NETSCOUT’s superior proactive service triage helps accelerate your corporate Digital Transformation by unlocking the power of IP Intelligence and providing a holistic view and clear insights into potential service performance problems in order to triage and resolve — before they become user problems. NETSCOUT is the best in the industry at helping organizations achieve extraordinary service quality and operational excellence while giving businesses the confidence to operate and innovate in the connected world. NETSCOUT technology and products include: