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By using NETSCOUT’s service-centric dashboards and top-down approach, together with InfiniStream appliances, NEC is able to continuously monitor and analyze in real-time data flowing over its IT infrastructure and has improved service performance and reduced business risk by 50-79%.

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Achieving Service Assurance In a Connected World Presents IT Challenges

As IT organizations accelerate the digital transformation of their enterprises, they require the ability to assure delivery of mission-critical business services across wired and wireless environments. This presents unique challenges for IT, which is charged with ensuring success. The high-speed, global, and complex environments that operate today’s Fortune 500 and Global 2000 enterprises need to perform flawlessly in order to maintain revenue growth and competitive advantages. Vast numbers of transitions are occurring in enterprise environments, with the shift to Cloud, the rise of network and server virtualization, and the increased focus on improving end-user experience, all of which need to be deployed securely and swiftly with optimal performance. In a world where there is no off, service delivery assurance is essential to business success.

End-to-End Visibility and Analysis Needed for Digital Transformation Success
smart data means visibility

Enterprises require end-to-end visibility and analysis into their complex data center, Cloud, and hybrid infrastructures in order to dramatically accelerate digital transformation initiatives and ensure seamless delivery of services. It is critically important that IT organizations have the best knowledge at their fingertips. This comes from mining wire data in real time to deliver timely, accurate and actionable information to service assurance applications.

Commonly used point tools and incomplete data analysis are no match for the range of disruptions and degradations that can occur in today’s high-speed, global enterprises. What is required is a new class of open architecture solutions to facilitate support for a wider range of new analytic software.  Armed with versatile real-time metadata technology and analysis, enterprises will succeed in achieving service assurance for their overall voice, video and data services.

Service Assurance from a Proven Technology Innovator

In today’s rapidly evolving IT world, you need solutions that can ensure your services and applications are reliable and will be able to adapt with your ever-changing environment. NETSCOUT can help. 

Whether you operate physical appliances to monitor traditional workloads or measure the performance of virtualized systems, NETSCOUT’s hardware independent architecture is designed to operate in your environment of choice. We support physical appliances, virtual compute and storage resources on-premises, virtual networking on-premises (SDN/NFV), SDDC, and public, private and Hybrid Cloud. Our software solutions can run across mixed environments and access compute and storage resources anywhere.

True System-Level Visibility

NETSCOUT offers true system-level visibility into all applications, infrastructure, and interdependencies down to the subsystems and services that run on them. With Adaptive Service Intelligence (ASI+) technology, NETSCOUT continuously monitors and processes traffic data at the source and generates truly smart data that can be analyzed in real-time or efficiently stored, using minimum necessary storage space, for future analysis. 

Our service assurance solutions provide real-time, end-to-end visibility across all service tiers to assure service delivery and ensure a positive end-user experience. With evidence-based analytics, both development and operations teams can monitor the performance of all applications and services across the enterprise. IT staff can view wire data and glean insights into performance with metrics such as responsiveness, new and active session counts, and application specific error codes for all applications, standard or custom.

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NETSCOUT provides proven solutions that unlock the power of wire data to efficiently deliver service assurance in the world’s largest and most demanding networks.

Let us show you how our NETSCOUT solutions for service assurance provide in-depth network and application performance intelligence that ensures the success of IT service delivery. Speak to one of our highly-experienced subject matter experts to hear more about how we can address your unique requirements.

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Benefits of NETSCOUT's Service Assurance Solution

NETSCOUT’s solution enables your IT organization to:

  • Establish baseline service response times of new and existing services

  • Assure service delivery end-to-end across the enterprise, on premise or in the Cloud

  • Enable rapid service triage to reduce mean-time-to-knowledge (MTTK)

  • Ensure collaboration between IT teams

  • Test and monitor new digital transformation projects over wired and wireless networks before, during and after deployment to assure quality user experience

  • Eliminate finger pointing between project stakeholders and vendors

  • Customize analytics provided to derive key insights into all business-critical applications and services

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