Compare Availability and Performance over Ethernet and Wi-Fi

nPoint 3000 is an instrumentation model for nGeniusPULSE that runs tests over Ethernet and Wi-Fi to verify and compare availability and performance of web, applications and network. Detect, Analyze and Investigate Wi-Fi issues based on user experience.

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Quickly Isolate Wi-Fi Issues

Tests isolate Wi-Fi from non-Wi-Fi problems, freeing up experts’ time to focus on problem resolution

Ensure Quality End-User Experience

With Business Transaction Testing, see response time of user actions from login-to-logout

Improve Performance at Remote Locations

Visibility Anywhere to see availability and performance, over Ethernet and Wi-Fi, from user perspective at remote sites

Flexible Deployment Options

Easy to deploy and manage anywhere with Hardware and Virtual options


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Visibility to the Network Edge to Ensure Availability and Performance From Anywhere

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Isolate Wi-Fi Issues for Faster Problem Resolution

The NETSCOUT approach enables the Wi-Fi expert to focus on solving issues that are actually due to Wi-Fi.


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