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Enhancing the Performance of Microsoft Skype for Business

Watch this short video on how NETSCOUT solutions can enhance your ability to solve Skype for Business issues rapidly with end-to-end visibility and the power of nGeniusONE intelligent workflows.

Visibility Without Borders With Microsoft Skype for Business

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European bank chooses NETSCOUT to monitor Microsoft Skype for Business to improve performance and move beyond reactive troubleshooting to proactive management.

State Government uses NETSCOUT for Microsoft Skype for Business rollout to give them the visibility and flexibility to ensure a successful rollout and ongoing performance monitoring in a highly complex environment.

Visibility and Management of Microsoft Skype for Business

Microsoft Skype for Business platform is designed to connect with anyone, anywhere, on any device and offers the added benefit of integrating with other Microsoft offerings like Office 365 and Exchange.

Traditional component management tools often lack what’s needed in highly complex Skype for Business environments.

NETSCOUT’s smart analytics leverage smart data to provide a comprehensive view of service performance across complex multi-tier, multi-vendor, multi-location Microsoft UC&C environments.

Key visibility is provided into QoS tags, MOS values based on IP network impairments and conversational quality, and precise location and source of service degradation using advanced visualizations.

We provide IT teams managing Skype for Business the granular data to see the relationships and interrelated nature of the overall network infrastructure, application services, signaling, and enabling protocols necessary to deliver Skype for Business.

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