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As traffic volume grows, so too does the risk of network failure. Service providers need a unified packet plane that allows multiple groups to access traffic flow data without creating disruptions. After all, there is no off.

Simplify and streamline your monitoring architecture

monitor subscriber traffic

NETSCOUT nGenius Packet Flow Systems (PFS) and TAPs enable multiple IT groups to aggregate, replicate and manage the flows of traffic throughout the network, whether for service performance monitoring, VoLTE/IMS, video, OTT traffic or security. NETSCOUT supports diverse network traffic operations, including performance management, service delivery management, and security monitoring.

A unified packet plane enabled by NETSCOUT PFS empowers service providers to monitor and analyze subscriber traffic in order to identify new value-added services and billing models, while assuring high levels of service and security. High-density, high-volume connectivity with hardware-accelerated performance and software-based functions enables granular subscriber-level visibility for monitoring and security in dynamic environments.

The Importance of a monitoring plane for the connected world

To meet increasing performance demands, service providers need the ability to make dynamic connections from any point in your network to any tool. You need to deliver cost-effective and complete visibility, while simplifying and streamlining your monitoring architecture, and reducing risk to the network.

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In an increasingly complex, vulnerable and connected world, NETSCOUT gives you the confidence to operate, innovate and compete at the highest level. To learn more about how NETSCOUT Packet Flow Systems provide the granular control of packet flows needed for performance management, security monitoring, VoLTE/IMS, and other types of applications, speak to one of our experienced subject matter experts.

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Packet Deduplication with nGenius Packet Flow eXtender

NETSCOUT's packet deduplication technology removes duplicate packets and provides a substantial reduction in the volume of traffic being delivered to, and being processed.

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Digital Transformation With Infinistream Appliances And nGenius PFS

InfiniStream appliances powered by ASI technology together with nGenius Packet Flow Switch family facilitate the delivery of business-critical and high-quality services.

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Protecting Sensitive Data During Monitoring

Traffic visibility in compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, etc. regulations

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Visibility into Virtualized Networks and Applications

In traditional networks, monitoring can be achieved with high visibility by the use of physical switch mirror (SPAN) ports, network TAPs, and network packet broker (NPB) or packet flow switch (PFS) devices.

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The New Mandate for Monitoring Infrastructure

The drive towards digitization within organizations is blurring the lines between business and IT. Adapting to this digital world requires a new strategy and approach.

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Reducing Operational Complexity For Monitoring Systems

Watch our webinar, Reducing Operational Complexity for Monitoring Systems, and learn how together we can enable complete network visibility into packet flows across your networks.

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Digital Success with a Strategic Packet Plane

This webinar is for those who need visibility into virtualized network environments, transitioning from passive to active security systems, or are struggling with visibility into network traffic with a variety of protocols.

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Learn About pfsMesh

Learn how the self-organizing NETSCOUT pfsMesh enables resilient, high-availability access in the data center and across large deployments.

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Achieve Pervasive Network Visibility for Monitoring

Now, read how that same software-focused approach is enabling advanced packet conditioning with more flexibility in deployment.

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Tap Into the Power of Software-Driven Packet Flow Visibility

Software transformed the data center and it’s about to change the way you think about your packet visibility architecture.

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Why a Strategic Packet Plane Is the key to Digital Success

This white paper by Zeus Kerravala of ZK Research will help you discover the benefits a unified packet plane provides.

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Ten Questions to Ask Your Service Assurance Visibility Vendor

To avoid disaster, you need a packet flow architecture optimized for service assurance. When it comes to solutions, how can you ask the right questions to ensure what you evaluate meets your needs?

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Achieve Business Assurance With unified packet visibility

Discover the Benefits of a Unified Packet Plane

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Software-Driven Packet Flow Systems

Leveraging a Disaggregated Architecture with the nGenius 5000 Series Packet Flow Switch

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Five Reasons to Select NETSCOUT for Service Assurance Visibility

nGenius packet flow switches are deployed world-wide for the most demanding service assurance and security applications. Packet visibility that’s software-driven, cost-effective and scalable on demand—only with NETSCOUT.

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Government IT Agency Balances Security with High Availability

nGenius packet flow switches ensure flawless rollout of active inline security deployment

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High Density Monitoring for National Service Provider

nGenius Packet Flow Switches Solve Visibility Challenge

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National Mobile Service Provider Upgrades Monitoring Infrastructure

Packet flow switches provide full visibility for customer experience management platform

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North American Service Provider Switches to NETSCOUT for Traffic Aggregation Needs

nGenius Packet Flow Switches, nGeniusONE, and InfiniStream Appliances Provide Fully Integrated Service Assurance Solution

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Service Assurance Visibility at Scale

Take advantage of advanced packet conditioning at line rate

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Packet Visibility at Scale

This five-minute video shows how network packet brokers bolster network monitoring efforts to keep security and performance across your network optimized.

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