The Power of NETSCOUT

The Power of NETSCOUT

Achieve Customer Wins by Co-selling with NETSCOUT

To help businesses keep up with the rapid pace of innovation, NETSCOUT provides visibility of digital services for the largest and most complex organizations at the unparalleled resolution, scale, and speed to prevent or resolve their most challenging performance and security problems for all technologies. We call it Visibility without Borders. Every action and transaction in this digitized world leave a fingerprint on the network. NETSCOUT’s patented technology ‘Smart Data’ continuously captures and analyzes all transactions in real time, resulting in actionable intelligence that enables customers to assure outstanding customer experiences.

Co-selling with NETSCOUT enables partners to leverage our exceptional customer base comprised of Tier-1 and Tier-2 Communication Service Providers and 90% of Fortune 100 Enterprise companies in more than 120 countries. Cloud partner account teams can upsell compute and storage resource with mutual customers deploying NETSCOUT for smart visibility and gain new logos through our vast installed customer base who are undergoing cloud migration and digital transformation activities.

Advanced technology partnership and technical integrations with Cloud Service Providers (CSP)
Solving the most challenging application performance, network and security problems, ensuring the connected world runs smoothly and safely
Our Customers are among the world’s largest Fortune 500 Enterprises, Tier-1 &2 Carrier Service Providers and Government Agencies


Migrating applications to the cloud creates new visibility borders within and across private cloud, hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments, increasing the challenge of delivering high-quality services. Understanding current or pre-migration workloads and performance levels helps to assure the same in the cloud. Customers migrate workloads faster to public cloud with NETSCOUT’s end-through-end visibility thereby accelerating cloud consumption. Visibility Brings Confidence in Public Cloud Deployments!


Help accelerate customer cloud migration by providing them with the tools they need to overcome the challenges and complexity of a hybrid network. The expansion of hybrid cloud capabilities tends to result in more complexity, adding to the burden IT has in trying to gain and maintain visibility into application security, performance, and dependencies. Siloed tools generate large volumes of data with little intelligence, which reduces actionable visibility and further compounds the problem. Managing a hybrid cloud environment is dependent upon the ability to eliminate performance and security blind spots within and between customer data centers and public cloud.

NETSCOUT enables your customers to assure security and performance of applications and services across physical, virtual, and cloud environments. The solution distills real-time, precise, and relevant intelligence from all connected applications and services to help make more informed business decisions. The visibility NETSCOUT offers is actionable since it enables IT to quickly detect, analyze, and remediate application performance issues, threats, and vulnerabilities. Faster time to market means faster time to cloud consumption revenue!

Navigate the cloud with Confidence

NETSCOUT's service assurance offers you peace of mind, enabling you to deliver new services in hybrid cloud environments with the critically important objective of acquiring new customers and establishing competitive differentiation.

Why Co-Sell with NETSCOUT

  • Accelerate deployments in Public Cloud: NETSCOUT’s end-through-end visibility brings confidence to migrate applications
  • Improve user experience: Assure service delivery before, during, and after migration to public cloud
  • Identify and respond to security threats faster: Minimize business impacts with powerful detection, mitigation, and forensics analysis capabilities
  • Leveraging Customer Base: NETSCOUT is trusted by 90% of Fortune 100 Companies in more than 120 countries

How we differentiate from competitors

  1. DevSecOps and IT can monitor workloads before, during, and after Cloud migration
  2. Native integrations with Cloud Service Providers for seamless packet acquisition to provide complete End-Through-End visibility
  3. Gain full visibility into hybrid network and applications and assure security and performance across on-prem, private and public cloud, virtualized environments thereby reducing Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) cost

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To learn more about how NETSCOUT can help you transform IP packet data into smart data to gain anywhere, anytime visibility and actionable intelligence, at scale, speak to one of our highly experienced subject matter architects. We’ve got answers to your most pressing digital transformation concerns.