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Insurance Group Eliminates Blind Spots in Network Visibility To Ensure Digital Transformation Success

NETSCOUT Solutions Safeguard Customer Experience While Resolving Network and Application Challenges

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This highly rated insurance group, with over $4 billion in annual revenue, began building its customer legacy nearly two centuries ago. They now provide a wide range of services to millions of policyholders and multiple generations of families in every U.S. state, including health and life insurance, business and retail insurance, safety and workers’ compensation insurance.

To support their customers and thousands of employees, the organization has invested heavily in recent years on state-of-the-art digital transformation initiatives to enable WFH flexibility, improve their critical business services, and become more cloud enabled. The insurer wanted visibility across their entire, evolving enterprise environment and unquestionably accurate, easyto-understand analytics to safeguard customer experience at every touchpoint.