Big data has become a catch-all term for the use of data and analytics to deliver personalized services to the end user and create new revenue streams for telecom firms. However, few operators have taken advantage of the big data opportunity – primarily because it requires these companies to retool their existing processes, which can be time-consuming and labor intensive.

Most operators have become quite skilled at using their internal data to help make their networks more efficient and also segment customers. However, beyond that there hasn’t been much experimentation with big data. Experts say that the potential is great – but there are challenges – how does an operator combine data from different segments of the company and then use it to develop new products, help with marketing and even make customer service better?

This eBrief from FierceWireless will look at the big data opportunity in the telecom industry and explore specific examples of how big data can be used to help operators be more competitive and create more revenue streams.

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