nGeniusONE for Carrier Service Provider

Service Assurance Platform

Gain critical insights into the performance of carrier services so you can address the needs of a wide range of operational teams.

Understanding the User Experience Is Complex

nGenius One nGeniusONE for Carrier Service Provider

Without a cohesive, consistent set of service views and automated analytics, monitoring a complex environment can prove extremely challenging. NETSCOUT’s nGeniusONE Service Assurance platform, powered by Adaptive Service Intelligence (ASI), our next-generation traffic analysis technology, delivers critical insights into the performance, availability, and consumption of services, so you can address the needs of a wide range of operational teams including network, engineering, and planning managers.

Service Availability and Performance Is Your Business

The nGeniusONE Service Assurance platform and ASI technology provide a carrier-grade, highly scalable, distributed service assurance solution that takes a holistic approach to monitoring service delivery.

Our solution provides unmatched, multi-dimensional customer experience metrics. We simplify complex IP networks into a series of services upon which we run real-time analytics, giving you the ability to focus on forensic details and quickly triage service issues.

Networks are complex, maintaining service visibility is challenging.

NETSCOUT nG1 nGeniusONE for Carrier Service Provider

To deliver a high-quality user experience, you need visibility across network domains, service enablers, and user devices. You need a single, cohesive set of traffic-based analytics so you can identify problems faster and quickly triage service issues.

The NETSCOUT Solution

nGeniusONE for Carrier Service Provider NETSCOUT nGenius One

Our solution is deployed within mobile, fixed, cable, and satellite networks, and provides visibility to the most critical and profitable services such as:

  • Voice (VoLTE, IMS and Wi-Fi Calling, Circuit Switched 2G/3G)
  • Video (HTTP-based adaptive video, MPEG-Dash, VoD, IP Video)
  • High Speed Internet (HSI)
  • Messaging (text, chat, MMS)
  • OTT (video, social, cloud services)
  • Carrier Wi-Fi
  • Carrier-grade business services
The nGeniusONE Service Assurance platform and ASI technology help you:
  • Gain Real-time Visibility of All Services and Their Network and Application Components

  • Proactively and Predictively Protect Service Availability and Performance

  • Conduct Comprehensive, Multi-dimensional Analysis of Location, Handset/Device, Service and Network Performance in Context with the Performance of All Dependencies

  • Perform Session-level, as Well as Deep-dive, Protocol-level Analysis and Forensic Evidence Collection

  • Watch over All Your Systems, Services and Vulnerabilities Vigilantly - Today and into the Future

Products You Can Trust

In an increasingly complex, vulnerable and connected world, NETSCOUT gives you the confidence to operate, innovate and compete at the highest level.

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Monitor Essential Services

A customized view of your essential services enables ongoing focus, monitoring, and troubleshooting of network resources during periods of crisis.

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Assure Emergency Services

Carrier service providers promote public safety with accurate and proactive prioritization of emergency communications during COVID-19.

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Adapt to Support New Business Models

Manage the changing profitability landscape while effectively meeting customer needs during COVID-19.

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Drive Profitability with Workforce Productivity

By monitoring and reporting on the health, performance, and utilization of new web-based tools, carrier service providers have an opportunity to improve and build on the customer experience during COVID-19.

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Quickly Isolate Resolution of Subscriber Issues and Improve MTTK

NETSCOUT’s nGeniusOne tools helped this provider accelerate MTTK, improve Overall Subscriber Success Ratio, and reduce initial triaging time by 80%.

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NFV Cloud Network Readiness

NETSCOUT's Future Ready Solution Reduces CAPEX and OPEX

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Launch Services with Confidence

NETSCOUT's solution helps carrier launch new service with confidence, and reduced MTTR

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Maximize Premium Video on Demand Revenues

NETSCOUT helped protect this MSO's potential revenue from VoD releases.

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Reduce MTTR; Solve More Problems in Less time

NETSCOUT's unify solution, helps carrier easily migrate, improve performance and save on CAPEX

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Reduce Troubleshooting Costs and Escalations

A cloud communications provider is experiencing an alarming increase in trouble tickets being elevated to Tier 3 support.

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nGeniusONE Server for Service Providers

The nGeniusONE Server is an optimized server hardware platform that is pre-integrated and configured with the nGeniusONE Service Assurance platform software. This high-performance, highly secure platform enables the rapid and secure deployment of the nGeniusONE platform and is available for deployment with Standard, Enhanced and Enhanced Plus configurations.

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vSTREAM Virtual Appliance for Service Providers

The vSTREAM virtual appliance complements existing Adaptive Session Intelligence (ASI)-based instrumentation to provide the same level of visibility within virtualized and cloud infrastructures that is already possible in physical environments.

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nGeniusONE for Service Providers

With the nGeniusONE Service Assurance platform, service providers can proactively manage service delivery across complex network, service and application tiers with a highly scalable and unified approach.

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Let us show you how our nGeniusONE Service Assurance platform and ASI technology proactively collect, organize and analyze traffic to deliver service assurance, security forensics and performance management that drive operational excellence and competitive differentiation.