Industry Interviews from Mobile World Congress 2018

On the ground at Mobile World Congress 2018. For four days the mobile industry converged on Barcelona in the industry’s largest mobile communications congress.

We were honored that many of the industry’s “movers and shakers” took a few minutes of their time to sit down with us at OrbTV to share their views on some of the hottest topics in our industry.

If you weren’t at the event or missed any of the live interviews, we invite you to view them.

MWC 2018: Shawn Hakl, SVP Business Products | Verizon

Shawn Hakl, SVP, Verizon
discusses Verizon's new strategies for IoT including the impact of 5G on their approach to SD-WAN.

MWC 2018: Len Padilla, VP Product Strategy | NTT Europe

Len Padilla, VP, NTT Europe
talks cloud and multi-cloud and how NTT is bringing order to chaos. He discusses the challenges of moving to the cloud and how enterprises should approach the migration.

MWC 2018: Jason Hoffman, CEO | Mobile Edge

Jason Hoffman, CEO, MobileEdgex
talks about a wholly owned spin out from Deutsche Telecom focused on edge computing. He discusses timing, challenges, and opportunities of edge computing.

MWC 2018: Yves Bellego, Director Spectrum Strategy and Planning | Orange

Yves Bellego, Director, Orange Business
discusses Orange's approach to deploying 5G and the need to apply more artificial intelligence and to further automate the network.

MWC 2018: Adrian Scrase, CTO | ETSI

Adrian Scrase, CTO, ETSI
discusses edge computing, virtualization (NFV/SDN), and role standards will play in the future.

MWC 2018: Patrick Lopez, VP Networks Innovation | Telefonica

Patrick Lopez, VP, Telefonica
discusses open source, automation, virtualization, and how Telefonica is addressing interoperability and other challenges.

MWC 2018: Didier Duriez, SVP Global Solutions for Business | Orange

Didier Duriez, SVP, Orange Business
discusses the SD-WAN market, what customers are looking for, and how Orange is helping customers achieve their goals while opening up new opportunities.

MWC 2018: Howard Watson, CEO BT Tech Service and Operations | BT

Howard Watson, CEO, British Telecom
discusses the challenges of bringing new infrastructure on-line.

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