Service Assurance

Given the growing complexity of hybrid cloud environments, the implementation of your digital strategy requires a powerful solution to provide the performance visibility you need. With NETSCOUT Smart Data, you’ll get real-time feedback and visibility across all service tiers, ensuring application reliability and delivery of an optimal end-user experience.


As businesses migrate to the cloud, they require robust security solutions in order to protect mission critical applications and services. With NETSCOUT Smart Data-driven intelligence, you’ll have visibility to the furthest edge of your systems, detecting and mitigating a threat long before it becomes an attack.

Smart Data

As your applications and microservices migrate to the cloud, the flooding amounts of unnecessary information become almost impossible to navigate. NETSCOUT Smart Data is able to extract the deepest and most critical key insights from that data, to keep your business running at peak performance.

How can nGenius help your cloud implementation?


Virtualized data centers aim to automate time-consuming manual tasks, helping IT introduce new services faster while cutting costs. With virtualization, however, comes increased complexity and reduced visibility.

nGenius analytics, powered by smart data, provides pervasive visibility for virtualized data centers, stripping away the unknown and giving the insight necessary for assessing, optimizing, monitoring and troubleshooting critical business services.

nGenius reduces the complexity in virtualized environments by:

  • Discovering service dependencies across application, compute, and network workloads
  • Ensuring the delivery of applications and services with high-quality experiences
  • Using actionable insight to quickly triage root cause and repair service issues

Cloud Smarter with nGenius.

Multi-Cloud Deployments

While multi-cloud approaches can reduce business risk and optimize costs, they also increase IT complexity, creating application and service-quality challenges.

NETSCOUT provides platform-agnostic smart data instrumentation and nGenius analytics seamlessly spanning any combination of physical, virtual or multi-cloud environments. With comprehensive visibility driven by smart data, IT has the critical insights to execute a multi-cloud strategy with confidence.

With nGenius by NETSCOUT you can:

  • Establish cost-effective pervasive visibility across multi-cloud and hybrid environments
  • Quickly identify root cause and repair service issues
  • Optimize service performance and minimize cost

Cloud Smarter with nGenius.

Continuous Delivery

DevOps organizations work feverishly to make upgrades and deliver new applications and features. What had previously been achieved over the course of weeks or months is now delivered in days or hours. This increase in speed adds risk and complexity.

With complete visibility and actionable insights, NETSCOUT helps DevOps operate more efficiently and accelerate continuous delivery with confidence.

With complete visibility and actionable insights, NETSCOUT helps DevOps operate more efficiently and accelerate continuous delivery with confidence.

  • Gaining real-time, end-to-end visibility into applications and their dependencies
  • Quickly triaging the root cause of application and service performance issues
  • Using pervasive, affordable instrumentation that works across all applications

Cloud Smarter with nGenius.

Moving Applications to the Cloud

Existing applications often have many dependencies on other applications and network services, so using Lift & Shift to move them to the cloud may result in poor performance and unexpected costs. That's why it's critical to know how the application works before it is moved.

NETSCOUT helps IT minimize risk by understating the complexities and performance of applications both in the cloud and in the data center. Armed with this information, IT can ensure costs are controlled and delivery is uninterrupted.

With NETSCOUT'S nGenius you can:

  • Understand the dependencies on other applications and services
  • Measure the performance of the application before it moves
  • Ensure that user experience and usage are as expected after the move

Cloud Smarter with nGenius.


Moving applications to the Cloud is both a benefit and a burden. IT and Security teams face increased pressure for 'always on' application availability even when faced with DDoS threats that can overwhelm access and impede the benefits. On the plus side, cloud-based strategies can provide opportunities to supercharge the analytics necessary to identify attacks and scale response to previously unreachable levels.

NETSCOUT enables organizations of all sizes and network scale to mitigate DDoS attacks, perform advanced analytics, and share smart data-driven intelligence.

With Security Assurance solutions from NETSCOUT, you can:

  • Maintain availability and performance of cloud-based applications
  • Utilize smart data analytics to quickly detect and respond to cloud-based threats
  • Gain unprecedented Internet traffic visibility with Arbor ATLAS™

Cloud Smarter with nGenius.


Changing an application before or as you move to the cloud can help mitigate risk. Often, microservices architectures are used to make the application modular and easier to maintain. However, these microservices deployed as instances of servers that must communicate to deliver the application.

NETSCOUT’s smart data and service assurance let's IT see these servers and the communications between them as a service.

With NETSCOUT's smart data and nGenius refactoring applications IT can:

  • Ensure high performance communication between microservices
  • Analyze the performance across many servers as a single application
  • Identify potential problems before and after the application is deployed

Cloud Smarter with nGenius.

Disaster Recovery

Traditional Disaster Recovery (DR) is both costly and difficult to deploy. Increasingly, the cloud is being used as a flexible and cost effective approach to disaster recovery. But IT may not be able to use the same management solutions they use in their on-prem data centers in the cloud.

The nGenius service assurance platform provides the same visibility and control you leverage on-prem to the cloud.

With NETSCOUT’s smart data and nGenius service assurance IT can:

  • Use the same troubleshooting and reporting workflows in the cloud and on-prem
  • Control costs through a common platform for all service assurance including the DR cloud
  • Minimize costs using a single and common service assurance platform

Cloud Smarter with nGenius.


The combination of mobile, cloud, and wireless networks allows businesses to deliver applications anywhere, anytime. While increasing productivity, this on-demand connectivity requires IT to build scalable, hybrid infrastructures and manage the complexity of BYOD (bring your own device) policies.

Our nGenius smart data-powered service assurance solutions turn IT teams into business heroes, helping them keep their mobile services performing reliably in the face of complexity.

With nGenius you can:

  • Understand service dependencies
  • Quickly identify performance problems anywhere
  • Foster collaboration between different IT functions

Cloud Smarter with nGenius.


IoT, born in the cloud, is creating a tsunami of data, adding complexity and potential performance issues in a hybrid infrastructure. Having an unobstructed and actionable view of the entire system and its dependencies is vital to keep things thriving on the network.

Our smart-data powered nGenius service assurance solution provides insight across the IoT service delivery stack by:

  • Continuously monitoring service, application, and hybrid infrastructure performance in real time to identify potential problems
  • Leveraging a software-focused approach, smart data and visibility to deliver performance and identify anomalies

Cloud Smarter with nGenius.

Orchestration and Automation

Companies are orchestrating their service management workflow to quickly and efficiently move applications into production. This orchestration still requires software development or scripting that are prone to human error, creating the need for more oversight.

Our nGenius analytics, using smart data, provides comprehensive visibility across all service components and user populations so IT teams can orchestrate workflows smarter and more efficiently.

nGenius, provides the solution by:

  • Monitoring end-to-end orchestrated services in a production environment
  • Quickly identifying root cause and repairing service issues
  • Optimizing orchestrated service performance and minimizing cost

Cloud Smarter with nGenius.

New Digital Architectures Require an Innovative Approach to Service Assurance

Case Study

The answer to managing increasing infrastructure complexity—in hybrids of public or private, centralized or dispersed, legacy or greenfield—lies in a new, holistic, end-to-end approach to service assurance. Learn more by downloading the white paper.

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By using the power of NETSCOUT Smart Data during migration, my team was able to spend less time troubleshooting the problem and more time fixing it.

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