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Taking it to the Edge

Two DDoS Mitigation Options; One Secure Solution

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Two DDoS Mitigation Options; One Secure Solution

About the Author

As a product marketing manager at NETSCOUT, Michael Wetherbee works closely with the company’s marketing, product management, sales, and IT departments to produce content and assets that assist the sale team in attaining their performance goals. <br><br> Wetherbee’s experiences in past lives as an account manager and solutions engineer provide insight into the needs of NETSCOUT’s sales and sales engineering teams. He also has exposure to sales enablement experiences, which affords him the unique ability to provide guidance on the most effective ways to use the content and assets he creates.<br><br>Wetherbee has always seen curiosity as a valuable characteristic. He currently holds a BS in education, a graduate certificate in management, and a graduate certificate in instructional design technology and is working on his Master of Education degree in instructional design.

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