Understanding Application Performance

Application Performance Management or Monitoring (APM) refers to the management of software application performance to ensure an expected level of service, measured by performance metrics and user experience monitoring. Businesses can monitor whether their IT environment meets performance standards, identify bugs and potential issues, and provide flawless user experiences via close monitoring of IT resources. APM solutions aim to detect and pinpoint application performance issues before end-users are impacted and reduce the meantime to resolution (MTTR).

NETSCOUT Solutions provide one Unified Converged Network Visualization and Dependency Mapping Solution with Application Performance Management Software.

Learn more about Continuous Monitoring with NETSCOUT's nGeniusONE solution.

Application Performance Management Components

Virtualization, availability and resource management

Alerts, troubleshooting and diagnostics in context of your network

Real-time service assurance and end-user performance

Analyze and correlate system behaviors and thresholds

Application Performance Management Software

nGeniusONE assures the performance of the cloud, virtual, co-lo, and on-site data center platforms running today's government, healthcare, and business services. The solution also assures remote user experience by monitoring the capacity and performance of VPN, VDI, UC, and healthcare delivery services.

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Infrastructure Monitoring

NETSCOUT ensures application performance throughout the service delivery path for your mission-critical voice, video, and data applications, cutting through the exponential complexity of today’s sprawling, distributed application delivery infrastructure. nGeniusONE and nGeniusPULSE combine to help you resolve issues that will emerge during this work-from-home period and beyond. Your users will benefit from reduced mean-time-to-repair (MTTR). And your business will benefit from optimizing your employees’ productivity and customer’s experience with key business application services.

Network Infrastructure IAAS Monitoring

Application Performance Management


Proactively monitor the performance of your application systems, servers, network devices, and storage to gather the insights to enable immediate fixes and improve overall service level performance.


NETSCOUT'S Enterprise Ready Cloud Monitoring Software offers complete network visibility from one single point of truth.


Smart Data for Application Performance (APM) and Infrastructure Visibility

The advantage of monitoring these metrics is better network visibility for quicker troubleshooting capabilities and optimal usage of your network services.

  • Availability, load or resource utilization of servers, networks, databases and storage
  • Deep insights and metrics in real-time for Smart Data Analysis on network elements, web frameworks and middleware performance
  • Rapid application infrastructure security and vulnerability detections and alerts
Infrastructure Monitoring

Database Monitoring

High Availability and Horizontal Visibility

Developer and database administrator friendly performance monitor for data handling, query times and response times with a full view of the application architecture.

Database Monitoring


  • Database layer visibility to identify and diagnose latency, bottlenecks, error rates and failed requests
  • Identify application issues affecting database performance difficult for administrators to diagnose

End-User Monitoring

Configurable to Monitor Users or Business Groups for Better Decision Making


End-to-end experience monitoring of your end-users' application performance experience and pinpoint problems immediately and better inform IT Management.


When service degradations affect users and customers, the key to rapid resolution is having full visibility into layers 2 through 7 and a contextual view of your network infrastructure and your customer's journey.

End-User Monitoring

SaaS Application Performance Management

Web and SaaS Application Performance Management Software

Big Data monitoring



Connect disparate remote web services, application, devops and security teams with one centralized solution.


Web-based reports make it easy to generate quick reports on page load speeds, transaction health, website availability, and other key performance metrics


Monitor multiple websites, services and elements such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, images, etc., as well as their overall performance and load metrics.

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IT Networks are no longer centralized or vendor dependent. Solutions Designed for Agility
nGeniusONE Service Assurance Platform
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The InfiniStreamNG (ISNG) solution provides organizations with the flexibility to deploy software and hardware appliances in the manner best-suited to specific infrastructure and visibility requirements.
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Packet Flow Switches & Taps
nGenius 1500 series packet flow switch deliver cost-effective and complete packet visibility while streamlining your monitoring architecture and reducing security risks
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InfiniStreamNG Appliance

​NETSCOUT InfiniStreamNG appliances provide a pervasive smart data source for NETSCOUT network, application, UC, business, and cybersecurity analytics. Our software and hardware appliance options enable enterprises to deploy ISNG solution in the manner best-suited to their specific infrastructure and visibility requirements.

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nGeniusONE Platform for Oracle Database Performance Management

nGeniusONE provides end-to-end visibility into the service delivery environment, decoding Oracle Database errors and messages to aid in diagnosing service performance issues.

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nGeniusONE Platform for Database Performance Management

nGeniusONE provides vendor-agnostic actionable insights into database performance issues.

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nGeniusONE Platform for Load Balancer Environments

nGeniusONE provides end-to-end visibility into the performance of an application environment, providing insights into service degradations that could be introduced by misconfigured or malfunctioning load balancers.

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NETSCOUT's premier application performance management solution nGeniusONE, delivers big data IT operational analytics for distributed hybrid, converged and physical networks all in one unified view. The leader in the application performance management market, and the home of the original packet sniffer with over 30 years of trust in the most complex and dynamic government, enterprise and service provider networks in the world.

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