Kevin Keough

Kevin Keough has served as NETSCOUT's Senior Vice President of Corporate Development since joining the Company in July 2015 as part of NETSCOUT's acquisition of Danaher's Communications Business. He was previously Vice President of Strategy, Business Development, Mergers and Acquisitions for all of the operating companies within the Danaher Communications Platform. He drives the development of multi-year strategic plans to grow share and expand addressable market size. He also develops, manages and executes the platform and operating company M&A and BD plans to accelerate and amplify the success of the strategic plan, including “bolt-on”, “consolidation” and attractive “adjacent market expansion” and partnership opportunities that provide defensive or offensive value and optionality.

Prior to Danaher, Keough held the position of Vice President of Business Development and Marketing at Inet Technologies since 1996. While there, Keough drove multiple strategies that contributed to the company’s revenue growing by tenfold, as well as a successful IPO on NASDAQ and acquisition by Tektronix in 2004 and subsequent acquisition of Tektronix by Danaher in 2007.

Kevin received his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.