Today’s digital world runs on your ability to build a great customer experience anytime, anywhere. That means instant access to information, and a fundamental shift in how we think about data centers. Companies have moved to public and private clouds, co-location facilities, the edge cloud, and evolving data centers using virtualization and software-defined networks. The goal is: Speed. Agility. Convenience. Cost-effectiveness.

But what happens when it doesn’t work? The results can be catastrophic. After all, this complex, interconnected environment now drives your business. With companies increasingly betting their digital futures on next-gen architectures, CIOs must find a way to cut through IT complexity.

Data Center Transformation: Seamless Visibility Required


Cloud may be a bedrock element in our digital world, but it’s not a force for IT simplification. Multicloud is the norm - most enterprises now have, on average, almost five cloud service providers. Hybrid cloud adds one layer of complexity, while application migration and technologies such as containers and microservices only add to the problem. Indeed, building a secure, high-performing cloud strategy requires a new approach to infrastructure and operations.

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While tactics like increased multicloud adoption, distributed network resources, and widely dispersed application workloads are built to increase digital agility, they also present performance and security challenges when it comes to delivering services in an increasingly complex environment. Technologies like software-defined networking and virtualization help, but they can also muddy IT’s end-to-end visibility into applications, networks, and security.

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Workload Migration

Cloud offers companies the ability to run applications better, faster, and cheaper—but many struggle to attain all three. Companies must manage and secure a sprawling multicloud environment and choose the right migration strategy for specific applications—while also factoring in the impact of complex application dependencies. Not surprisingly, cost considerations often get lost in the challenges of managing such an intricate scenario. The question is, how do you build a migration strategy that optimizes cloud costs while ensuring flawless performance and security across a network of public and private clouds?

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Data access is the lifeblood of the digital enterprise, but increased infrastructure complexity, cloud visibility silos, and application dependencies makes it hard to deliver a consistent, secure user experience. Supporting a seamless digital experience amidst relentless time constraints, limited resources, and lack of system-wide visibility is nearly impossible. IT needs to act in real time, and that means they must see clearly across a hugely complex environment. 

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