Major National Retailer Turns to NETSCOUT to Identify Performance Issues in Key Distribution Centers

For this major national retail chain, the performance of network communication between distribution centers, stores, and applications is crucial to the business. If their distribution center is delayed in sending stock to the stores, they lack what the customers come to purchase. To make sure all services are running well for their customers and in these centers, the IT team, requires an always on network performance. A major challenge for this national retailer was a lack of visibility into the network traffic generated by multiple distribution centers. As new applications and services were beginning, the IT team needed a way to view their impact on the network and quickly identify service performance issues. Another concern was the company’s voice services. Call quality issues risked harming the customer experience as well as the reputation of the business. To ensure that all the retailer’s services and applications ran well across all their distribution centers, the company turned to NETSCOUT.