Riding the Wave in a Sea of Data

How NETSCOUT’s Smart Data and deep-packet inspection ensure smooth sailing

Black background trying to show underwater current using different types of data images

Information overload is everywhere.

When is the last time a billboard caught your attention while you were driving down the highway? People are exposed to so much information on a daily basis, and they are so desensitized to information overload, that they don’t even realize what they don’t see. Companies such as Nike are stepping up their advertising game to be noticed, releasing 3D sneaker billboards just to break the noise. Scrolling aimlessly through TikTok also has become routine for many people, forcing content creators to jump through hoops and push out creative content just to be noticed.

And everyone’s favorite topic right now—generative artificial intelligence (AI)—has brought to light some additional concerns about content overload. With chatbots producing new material at record speeds, many worry that society will be overwhelmed by AI content creation. The counterargument to this concern is that because people already are inundated with so much content, adding more content may not even be noticeable. Ultimately, individuals will decide what information is most relevant to them and ignore the remaining noise.

The cream will always rise to the top.

Reducing the Noise

NETSCOUT helps customers focus on the most relevant data.

Information overload is a clear reality that affects all of us in our daily lives, and it is also a key barrier to productivity and efficiency for modern network enterprises. Although there is great value to having masses of data at our disposal, navigating through this sea of information for what we specifically need is a tall order—especially for IT and network operations teams with many requirements but limited staffing resources. In today’s digital era, the quest for answers and actionable insights is dwarfed by the sheer volume of data generated—with our global data volume projected to reach 175 zettabytes by 2025.

NETSCOUT customers consistently voice challenges that center around masses of traffic, information, and data management, including:

  • Alerts are often ignored due to the high volume of false positives
  • High-traffic areas such as the VPN are continuously congested
  • Sifting through raw data to troubleshoot problems is too time-consuming
  • Resources are too slim to oversee all the traffic and regularly update configurations
  • In highly saturated network segments, in either physical or virtualized environments, packets might be dropped on the way to their destination or may arrive out of sequence
  • Log files are being dumped into tools without valuable interpretation
  • Raw packet captures lack the means for timely, intelligent decodes
  • Large amounts of traffic remain unclassified

NETSCOUT helps customers “reduce the noise” and understand their data by fundamentally recognizing the power of the packet. Driven by Adaptive Session Intelligence (ASI) technology, NETSCOUT solutions provide deep-packet inspection at the scale needed to analyze the data. This real-time, in-depth analysis of monitored and stored NETSCOUT Smart Data provides advanced troubleshooting and investigation of challenging network, application, and security issues. With holistic end-through-end visibility, organizations are able to consolidate tools, improve troubleshooting, reduce costs and complexity, and continuously ensure business is running smoothly.

NETSCOUT Visibility and Smart Data

NETSCOUT Smart Data is powerful. The NETSCOUT Visibility Without Borders platform provides analysis and actionable intelligence to give distinct direction, purpose, and value to the data amassed at today’s most influential enterprises. 

So don’t get caught in the undertow. Learn more about how NETSCOUT’s Visibility Without Borders platform can help you ride the waves, reduce the noise, and harness the power of your data.

Learn more about how NETSCOUT’s Visibility Without Borders platform can help you ride the waves, reduce the noise, and harness the power of your data.